I remember when I was  younger, and I would see people on TV and say to myself, \”Wow those people are famous, and too bad no one knows them. I really thought that people that were on TV were people made just for \”TV\”. They seem so far away to me.

But as I got older, I found out that the same people you see on TV are people too. They have families and friends an cousins just like the rest of us. I use to think that when people say they know somebody on TV that they were lying.

Well one day this year, my daughter was watching Nick Cannon\’s Wild N Out, when she was telling me about this guy on the show who was  really funny. She would say \”ma\” you got to hear this guy, he is so funny. So one day, she was watching and made me get up tosee him. When I got to the TV , she was like there he is ma, he is so funny. So I looked, and I looked again, and I said OH MY GOD THAT IS SPANK DOG, I KNOW HIM, I KNOW HIM. And the first thing out of her mouth was, maaaaaaaa no you dont! You dont know him! I said Neisha I have photos of him/with him that we took at the comedy club we use to go and see him at weekly. She did not beleive me, she wanted to see the pictures for herself.

So I proudly jumped up and went to my photo album and snatched a few photos out, and she was amazed. She couldnt believe it. I couldnt even believe that he had actually made it. Not only did he make it but Tony Roberts ( always on BET ) did also, who is  in the photo next to him.

That goes to show you, that we sometimes think that people are unreachable, that they are on this peddlestool so tall that we cant reach them. My daughter got to see first hand that TV people are people too.

Quetta ( my sisters sister-n-law, Tony Roberts ( BET), Spanky(Wild N Out)

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