About me……….Lacrease ( Ive been tagged)

Who are you? My name is Cree Walker and I live in Detroit, Michigan!

Do you love yourself? I love myself so much, that I love others just the same. I dont mistreat people, I am very compassionate.

Do you trust yourself? Yes, I do very much. I am very conscience of everything.

Are you in Love with the Lord? Yes, I am surely!

Are you in love with a special someone? I wish!

Have you told them you love them? I tell Tyler Perry that I Love him all the time. He knows I love him.

Are you a really in-depth person? Oh yes, I have to know when, why, how, and what for? Communication is everything to me!

Are you a giver in every sense of the word? I could be. But you have to be careful of people most times. You can ask me anything, and if I have it, its yours. Ask my coworkers!

Do you really feel you know your 360 friends? Oh yes, if you read people\’s blog daily like I do, you get a sense of this is who they are. Especially when they have over 100 entries. Their character shows up in their writings. So please believe it!

Are you being your real self? All the time. I wont feel good about myself if I was being fake. To be fake with people, is to play myself.

Is there someone of the opposite sex on 360 you love? I love all my peeps, even tho me and Lamar dont talk on the phone or go back and forth in email, I have special love for him. If I ever met him I would know what it is about him. Its something about him.

Do you have 2 people on your friend’s list that you favor, in a good way? Oh yeah for sure!

What level on a scale is your sense of humor? 100! I am so silly. I am the kind of person who dont have attitudes. Now I didnt say I dont get mad ,but I am sooooo silly and funny.

If you had to pick 1 person to be stranded with, who? Jesus! But someone Earthly it would be Tyler Perry.

Could you really live without your computer? No I cant live withuot my computer. Cant do it, cant do it. It went down for a while I thought I was going to pass out! Naw, I cant do that. Um um

What\’s your favorite saying? \”I can show ya betta than I can tell ya\”, \”That could never be me\”.\” Oh you got me messed up\”, \”Whatupdoenick\”,\”WOW\”,\” Yeahwhateva\” \”Yeahokay\” \”Ill see ya when I see ya\”

Did you answer all the questions with all honesty? Yes!


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