Weekend Edition………………The club life!


Well, its the weekend and I\’m sitting here thinking about what I would be doing if I was still in my 20\’s. I can remember rounding up the crew. Gloria, Quetta, Valerie, Michelle, Yolanda, Peedie, Lynn, Ree, Shaun and countless others. We would go see the male dancers at least 3 times a week, or if we weren\’t doing that we would be playing cards, drinking.The next night we would do the same thing this time hitting the night clubs. One morning I woke up and my landlord was standing over me! My door was open and not locked. Lord, thank you for saving my life!

Here it sit 39 years old, thinking about how many times God has bought me out of pure MESS! How he saved my life one night, running out of a night club with some friends, only to get to the car and realize that the guy me and my friend Ree rode with, was in the building fighting, and we couldn\’t get in the car. Well, we were bent down at the car dodging bullets, when one came flying over our heads. It was so loud and so terrifying, that didn\’t stop us, I\’m sure next week we were back in the clubs. I just can\’t believe that my foolishness lasted so long. What kind of life was I living?

I remember one time we were riding 4 deep, when we got into it with some gurls who was leaving the strip club while we were leaving. The driver of our car was so angry with the gurls, that we \”geeked\” her up to chase the gurls down. Well, we ended up on the freeway with them, side by side arguing , we wanted to fight. So we came to a complete stop on the freeway , got out of our cars and walked up to their windows. OMG! How ignant! I still can\’t believe that we did this. I still sit and think about how stupid we were. We could have got killed by other motorist coming behind us. I learned that when you carry that \”spirit of \” I don\’t give a dayum\”. those are the kinds of things you find yourself in.

But when God comes into your life, and say that\’s enough my child. When he gets you by yourself, when your gurls aint around, when you family aint around, when your co workers aint around, when you kids aint around, when your husband/wife aint around. ITS YOU AND HIM. You better be ready to give up anything that is not of him. He told me Lacrease its time out for that foolishness. Its a wrap!

I still went out from time to time. Drinking ( I hated the taste of all of it, but I enjoyed the feeling of being high). All of a sudden I stopped. I can\’t do it anymore. I can\’t sit up and play cards, drinking and passing out. I can\’t have company sitting up IN MY HOUSE to the wee hours of the night. And I aint going over to your house either. I got tired of going out, and hanging out. That\’s not designed for me any more. I had to regroup.

I believe that it was meant for me to go through that process. Now I can look back and know where I\’ve been and where I am now. I can\’t stop anyone from going out, but I can post the dangers of a night out in the club atmosphere.

  • When you get tipsy you leave your life in the hands of someone else.
  • You don\’t know who is handling your drinks. You are not always aware of who is watching you, and who wants to see you trip out.
  • Its possible that you can go home, or even have sex with someone who you don\’t even know, and if you do know them……………….would you have still make that same choice if you were sober?
  • You set yourself up for ANYTHING that can/will happen that night. If someone cracks a bottle over your head, or your friends, that may be the last time you go out. You may even have to dodge bullets.

I dare you to go out one day, no drinks and sit up and watch the atmosphere, watch how people start the night off with no alcohol, to being tore up. Watch how a couple could be so loving when they first walk in and then by 1:30 they are ready to fight. Pay attention to the young gurl who is with her friends, and how she will see her boyfriend there with another woman, and watch her trip out on him, until he is ready to beat her head in. Watch the crew of guys who come in to dance, seek attention , get drunk, and get in the face of someones girfriend, watch how her boyfriend will be ready to fight his whole crew, just because he feels disrespected. Pay attention to the DJ and how he gets tired of all the drunks bumping into his DJ table. Watch as the night goes on he becomes impatient with them. Then…… go out side to your car, just to find that someone has broken your car window and stolen your radio. Or even worse your car is gone!!!!!

I have one scripture to sum this OLD life of mines up.

1 Corinthians 13:11 (New International Version)

11When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me.


4 Replies to “Weekend Edition………………The club life!”

  1. Girl.. SPEAK THE TRUTH and shame the devil.. I was just thinking about the meaning of Born again… I was there right along next to you.. In the club all the time… going to the strip clubs letting some nasty half naked man dance all up on me… almost got shot, raped, mugged, stabbed, GOT the radio taken out of my girl’s car, the fights..etc. And now all I can think about is how foolish I was.. Lord, was that really me? Did i REALLY do those things… did I REALLY dress like that.. walk like that DANCE LIKE THAT???? I agree with you girl, THANK GOD FOR SAVING ME!!!!


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