Just some thoughts………………..thats all!

My facial expression tells what\’s going through my mind a lot of times. Sometimes I sit back and think about people and why they act the way they do. Im so far gone with it, that I can actually sit up and pick up argument with myself, on something that is just a thought. I have to catch myself and laugh.

My bestfriend is having a BD party to celebrate her 39th, and she is having the party at a place that is a hole in the wall. I told her that she is classy and has friends that dont like the neighborhood, but she insists on having it there, because she can get it for free, and that she can go all out on her food. Well, when I reminded her who got their cars broken into, she paused for a long time on the phone as if I was \”spitting\’ on her party. She got quiet. I had to start the converstaion back up. I really don\’t want to go. I don\’t want my car broken into, or stolen. It has happened too many times, too many years in a row. But if I dont go………………………………..well thats another story.

I found out that the closer you are to a friend, sometimes the less truth they want to hear from YOU. I found that when Im less close to someone they will listen to everything you say to them without getting offended, but let their bestfriend come along and tell them that very same thing I told them, they would take it ANOTHER WAY. I study people a lot and I pay close attention to how they think. Thats deep.

In the next few weeks Im going to be pushing Tyler Perry\’s Daddy\’s Little Girls. It hits the theaters Febuary 14, 2007 and its going to be good! Yall know I am a Tyler Perry fan to the end. He is a dear friend and I love him . ( Smile GHH)

If I died to day, my only prayer would be to please build a relationship with God. He loves us, and he wants to have a relationship with him. He will tell you things, that no one could. He will be there for you at all times. He will direct your path. Im asking you to trust him today. All you have to do is speak into the mike he is ALWAYS listening.

Take care God bless you all



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