Time to roll!!!


What\’s going on yall? Me, where do I start! LOL. Never thought I would feel this way, but I am tired of Walmart. I\’ve been there for almost 4 years come Oct 10, and I am so ready to roll up out!!! Its a shame when you and your coworkers get along so good, and it starting to seem like its them ( the managers) against you (employees) the people on the front line. Customers ask us all the time, \”do they treat yall right\”. And up to this point, its always been yeah, they are cool with me. But when you start seeing that the Co-manager wants the Managers job, and since the Co-manager is a man, and the manager is a woman, he is trying to take over. It looks bad, he wants his own store, and hey that\’s fine and cool, but when you start talking to the assistant mangers any ole kinda way in front of the other employees, that\’s not good…….at all. And as for me, ole Joe got one time, to say anything disrespectful or out of order to me, and its going to get ugly. I told my coworkers, everybody jump on their cell phones and start dailing 911.

I always knew that if I ever came to this point of feeling this way, that it would be God\’s way of telling me that its time to move on. For years others saw what I didn\’t in this company. And the sad part about it is, mostly the people that are there are the people who opened the store 6 years ago. They are good people. Honest, sincere, kinda loving people.

In the last 4 years since I\’ve been there, we had 3 managers, and when they came in they wanted a whole new crew. The problem I\’m having is, you cannot fire those people, threatened, mistreat them or talk to them any kind of way. Okay, you want a new crew, but these people was here wayyyyyyyy before you got here, they are the ones who moved the merchandise into this store. Respect the fact that they built this store!!! They came up with these \”in house on the spot rules\” to discourage them, but they are hanging in there. We are not talking about teenagers, we are talking about people who are in their late 30\’s and up. People who love being there, and they do them any kind of way. Its sad. The managers know how hard it is to find a job, so they press you, till you break mentally, they wont quit, but they become bitter and hard to work with, never cracking a smile at all.

Our personal manager Karen is the only one who does the paper work for the whole building, and I know sometimes she gets busy and can\’t help us on the spot. But that aint my problem. Its suppose to be 2 people working in there, but its just her. I like Karen too, because her communication skills are excellent and she does her job. but when she gets behind, she is nothing to mess with, she\’s a Virgo like me, and I can read her but too. And she knows it. So when she is busy, I try not to bother her, especially if I can hold out. Well 2 days ago, she almost pushed Creedog to the limit. I went to her 3 times in a week in a half to get me a locker since we have to wear uniforms now. I don\’t have pockets to carry my car keys and other personal items, so I need a locker. I walks into her office, and says to her \”Karen I need a locker\”. She says well Lacrease, I\’m busy right now, I\’m doing payroll and blah blah blah\”. So I\’m like okay Karen, this is my 4th time coming to you about a locker\’. Wooooooooooe what did I say that for. She starts going on about what she has to do, and that she cant do it right now, and her voice change ( she aint crazy tho) and I\’m looking at her dead in her eyes, and all I could think of is God. I\’m saying to myself \”God you are real\”. If I ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever doubted you in any way, on any day, you are showing yourself real to me. I was sooooooooooo angry at her, that I believe that I had enough strength in me to pop her head off, with only 2 fingers. All I could do is smile to myself, saying WOW there is really a God. Karen has no idea that she was this close to a strangulation, right there in her own office. She has no idea that God is so real that he intercepted my thoughts and made me smile. I started to instantly talk nice to her, and the more calm I was, the calmer she got. As a matter of fact, she was even surprised that she was that angry over all the work she had to do. I knew then when God calmed me down, she saw it in my eyes, and she calmed down. I walked out of the office, not thinking about the locker, but thinking about how good God is. Its deep how upset we can get, and how allow others to push us. But when you let God come into your heart and intercept your thoughts, you feel like a whole nother person.

Yesterday, I walked into her office and went to the the computers to check on my vacation days next month, and she said \” Oh Lacrease, go out there and chose any locker you want\”. So, I\’m like ooooooooo ok, she knew she was wrong yesterday for going off, but since I was calm about the whole thing, she knew she had to make things ri
ght. So I went and picked out a locker and asked her do I go out and buy a lock, she goes……. no, no I have one for you right here, then she says do you have anyone you want to share with? If so just let me know so that I could write their names down. I was like okayyyyyy, cool!!!

See how God will show you yourself, then he will let you learn off that! I\’m glad that I didn\’t show her how I was feeling, imma softy and had I went off on her like I was feeling at that time, I would have felt bad, because she is really a cool, get it done person. So that worked out for the good. Thank you Jesus for showing me who I am……….I love you.

Im sitting up here its 4:30 in the morning knowing doggone well Im sleepy than a mug. Im going to see Anita Baker again July 21. Yall know she my gurl. WEll, Im outta here, talk to you all tomorrow.



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