Entry for July 01, 2007

Good Sunday Morning!!!

Here I am up again, knowing full well I am sleepy yall. I just had to check in on this lovely Sunday morning. I\’m suppose to go to Church in the morning, but I\’m not going. My Church is starting to spoil me, and no that\’s not a good enough reason not to go. Well, we are on streamingfaith and the services I attend is LIVE on line and even though I\’m not there, it shows so clear without any interruptions. I love it. I sit right here for Live bible study on Wednesday nights, and for the first time this morning, I will watch 9:30 Church services from home. I know I\’m not getting that in the spirit feeling I need, but it sure feels good to still get that \”food\” from where I sit.

I know yall are tired of my job related stories, but something is eating me and I\’m starting to think that its not the customers as much as I think. When I\’m working the counter that use to say 12 items or less, that only has 3 slots to hold groceries, while the others have 8. People no matter how many times I say \”maam you have 3 bags, or sir you have 2 bags. They still walk off without their bags, or leave them all. How do you walk off and leave ALL your bags? But the part that irks me is, they will come back and say \”miss, you forgot to give me my bags\”!! That pisses me off to the 100th power. And I say noooooooooooooo, Miss maam YOUR hands forgot to pick them up after you paid for them. They just gotta blame somebody, if they put the blame of themselves they will learn that they have to be more aware of their things. But when they accuse me of leaving it, they wont examine themselves. And like I told the lady, I\’m here all day for 9 hours, if you blame me, and leave your bags, YOU gotta jump in your car and come back!!! Not me I\’m already here! Stop blaming me!! Then this one black guy came through my line, he was cool tho. He had his discount card, guess he worked at another store, and said here, swipe this. I said, you have a swiper on your side, swipe it. So he says, with his grown butt, the other ladies at the other store do it for me. I said what???????? Do what for you? He said swipe my card, mind you he went on and done it. So I said, well do you have people to read the bible to you, or do you like to read it for yourself, he started cracking up, talking about,NAN NANAN ANANA SEE, THATS A TOTAL DIFFERENT EXAMPLE. ROFLLLLLLLL I was cracking up at him. I said practice getting in the habit of doing things on your own!!! We laughed, but see what I go through daily. Everyday the people of this world are getting spolied. Things are right at our fingertips. We dont have to move a muscle. Well, Imma say this, Im the wrong cashier for all that spoiled mess, they got me messed up. Cause I aint doing all of that baby!!!! LOL This black gurl came through my line tonight and gon say to me, do I have to get my groceries, I said yeah WHO ELSE GON GET EM ( and she paid for them). These people crazy. My coworkers call me Monique personality and all. I dont play, I love to laugh, will make a joke out of the truth, and cool as I dont know what!!!

Now this is where my issue come in at. I told you a few of my stories of today, but I dont know why at this time in my life, people are getting on my nerves so tough. So, let me examine myself.

First of all, my daughters school/college stuff and her moving out is getting my down. I will be glad when she can move in, we can get her settled in, and take care of her personal needs and cares, then I will be able to relax. Second, Im ready to leave Walmart, and work with teens, my life is not going to be right until I do. I love teenagers something terrible, and I need to be helping as many as I can. Third, Im being garnished and its a court order to stop it, and they are killing me in wages. KILLING ME! So when I called these clowns and ask them did they get the same court order paper I GOT IN THE MAIL for them to stop, he was like no, we didn\’t get it. I said you mean to tell me that you didn\’t get the paper, when I said it mean and ruff, he was like O, YOU DIDNT ASK ME IF I SAW IT IN THE COMPUTER. I said THATS THE ONLY QUESTION IM CALLING YOU FOR!!!!!!! Made me mad!!!!! So after he answerd the question, he got mad (whattheheck) he mad for, all he is a assistant?????????? Then I called Walmart to see if they got it, they was like nawwwwww we didn\’t get it. So I sitting here saying to myself, they all the papers to start it, but aint NAAM BODY got none to stop it!!!!! But the lady told me to Fax her over the court papers , and they were going to stop it immediately! So guess yall know Im going to Kinko\’s today!!!!!!! Fourth, I\’m not doing anything I\’m suppose to be doing in life. Its like days are passing my by and I\’m doing nothing, just procrastinating and I\’m so sick about it.

So, when I think about my own issues, I believe that when the customers get on my nerves, that it aint all that bad, its just that I\’m not doing what Im suppose to be doing in my life, so when they piss me off, I\’m really feeling like, I dont need this extra mess in my life. I examine myself by asking these questions. La\’crease, if you were about to get the job of your dreams working with teens, and you had 2 more weeks to work at Walmart, would people bother you as much as you think? The answer is NO!!! I ask myself, if Neishia was in school and settled down, would they bother you as much, and my answer is NO. I ask myself, if the garnishing of your wages stop would they bother you as much? And my answer is No!. That\’s how I have to get myself back in order. I cannot get so up tight, its not going to be like this forever. I have to be humble, take a step back, and be more patient. I love people I really do. So when I go back to work on Monday, Im going to slow it down, and see how things work for my good. Maybe its just me, letting the smallest things about others bother me.

Well, I\’m closing for now, I will be back tomorrow……………….aight?



3 thoughts on “Entry for July 01, 2007

  1. I completely understand how you feel…but through it all I understand at this stage in my life God got a plan for it all. He always said He won’t put no more on us then we can bare and with that if working with teens is what you want to do*something that I want to do as well* God will surely make a way!!! Just start to stir up that gift that God put in you!!! He’ll come through for you!!! Everything will work out fine!!! God Bless!!!


  2. Hi Cree! Good to see you blogging. Girl, the enemy knows there is something good in store for you so he sets up all kinds of road blocks to set you back. After your self examination, you see that you wouldnt be so frustrated if circumstances were different. Count it all joy and be faithful to what God has given you. Because girl…you are going to be such a light for those teenagers when God releases you. Have a blessed day!


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