Mega Millions!

Last night when the Mega Millions winning balls were announced. My sister called me screaming and hollering that her boyfriend Dee, his brother Rick had just called them and told them they he matched all the numbers to the Jackpot of 250 million dollars. I\’m screaming, they screaming, we all are on the phone screaming, hollering, and happy as all get out. So, I told my sister to put Dee on the phone, cause I have to hear detail by detail of the conversations, cause I can tell if something aint right. Dee gets on the phone and I asked him, what did his brother say when he called. He said that Rick was screaming and hollering in the phone, saying he swear on his daughter, and that he was crying and everything. Told Dee that he called his wife who is a nurse to leave the job and come home right now. So, I\’m like okay, maybe this is real. I\’m asking him question after question after question. So by now I\’m convinced!!!

My daughter walks into my room and said \”ma I see dollar signs in your eyes\”!!! ROFL. I\’m like dang for real. LOL. So after a long time, we were talking and making plans, cause Rick told Dee that he was going to hook him up! LOL We are on the phone making big plans! All of a sudden Dee says to me, Imma call you back, my line is beeping, Rick is on the other end. My heart started to sank. I had a feeling this was the SIKE call. I called back in about 5 minutes. Dee was so quiet. I\’m like Dee what\’s wrong, what what? He said my brother was LYING. I said what? He said my brother play a lot and I don\’t know if he is telling the truth or not. My sister was so heated she went to bed! LOL So, Dee was like naw, I\’m about to put on my shoes and I\’m going ride and see if they have company or not. Too see if lights are on in the house, he said if its a lot of cars and they have the door open, ITS TRUE. Dee went ova there, and alllllllllllll the lights in the house was off. They were in the bed sleep. You know if anybody you know hit a lottery, WE AINT going to sleep ROFL! My nieces and nephews was hott!! My nephew who is 16 kept asking his momma before they found out it was a joke, can I throw this old cell phone out the house, momma please, momma please just say the word. Let me throw this in the streets, cause Im getting a new one. When that boy heard it wasn\’t true, I thought my nephew was going to be taken away in a ambulance! ROFL!!!!!

Thats what we get for \’mentally\” spending somebody eles money!

God Bless You All!


3 thoughts on “Mega Millions!

  1. That was a cruel joke, I don’t like jokes and games that plays on a persons easiness for being tricked!

    Poo on him!



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