Had I known……

I was sitting here thinking about the time when Gerald Levert was here in Detroit promoting his new CD, “Do I speak for the world” at a secret and private location. A friend of mine had won two tickets off the radio and she invited me to go with her. After the party was over, she and I went to the bar, and there was Gerald and Joe (his bodyguard) along with some members of his entourage. He was sitting on a couch that was in the bar, and as bad as we wanted to go over there and talk with them, we just talked from a distance and admire his smile and atmosphere. After a while, we finally got a chance to talk with him and laugh. We were so happy.

When I heard of his death, I was devastated, felt numb, still till this day, cannot even believe it. However, it reminded me, that we should live everyday as if it is our last. Not doing any and everything, but doing the right things. Had I known that would be my last time in my life seeing Gerald in such an intimate and private setting, I would have surely walked over to the couch and talked with him for hours, I would have made sure that the throw away camera I was carrying had more photos to take. I would have made sure that I told him how his music made me feel through out my life. I would have made sure that I kissed him the cheek, and told him that I loved him. There are so many things, that I would have loved to share with my Teddy Bear.

I say this to say, that we don’t know the hour or day our love ones will be taken away from us, We must live each day “like its Golden”, loving each other, caring for each other, looking out for each other. Therefore, when it is their time to go home, we will have Peace, knowing we loved that person to the best of our ability.

God Bless



2 thoughts on “Had I known……

  1. Big tears roll down my face. As that is what my boys and I are doing this weekend. My dad is not well and I am here to be here for now. Thank you for your blog you have no idea how you have touch me….And Dang it’s 2:09 here boys have just been re-tucked and are fast asleep. I could not sleep and was reading your lovely note you sent me last week, as my little Kennett was off for school. Thank you again.


  2. Girl I absolutely love Gerald LeVert…when I heard of his death, I was at work and was shaken. I couldn’t believe it. I can specifically remember my mother and I at his concert here in STL on the front row and he held my hand and sang (to only me of course) lol and he gave me his sweaty towel(of which i still have in my top drawer of my dresser)…i still can’t believe he is gone….so sad


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