The power to change the atmosphere!

Hey there,
I went to work today and had a good one. While working sometimes I will zone out and begin to think about things in my life. I realized that I don\’t get angry with the customers like I use to. I had been praying to God to please show me another way to deal with them, so that I wont be angry and let them get the best of me. It was really killing me.
I go to work all the time, in a good mood. I don\’t like to be mad or upset about things in my life, because God has always, always proved to me time and time again, that \”he got me\”. I live on that and that\’s why people always say to me how friendly I am. But see they didn\’t see how upset and angry I use to get with customers that constantly push my buttons.
So, one day I said Lord whats up with people having attitudes, and taking things out on me because the store is crowded and there aren\’t enough cashiers? Why are they purposely rude to me? How can I get pass this and move on, its been 3 years and I seem to be in the same place as I was last year. Know what he said to me?
He said Lacrease, you are a person that has the gift to communicate anything to anyone. People listens to you, your smile, your attitude, the tone in your voice, the \”mean well spirit in you\” is what you have. He said \”I equipped you with all the Power you need to change the atmosphere of people\”. I went to work, and boy did I have some very challenging customers. LOL. When the lines were long, I could see the frustration on the people\’s faces, instead of me giving them attitude back, as if I can help that the lines are long, God taught me how to talk to the people and comfort them. For instance. If the lines are long and the customer are staring at me trying to intimidate me ( which they can\’t), I wont give the eye back, instead when its their turn, I will say……Hello Ma\’am, I am so, so sorry about the long lines, are you okay? They always, always always look up at me, to see what my facial expression is like, and when they see my smile and listen to the tone in my voice, they know that I am sincere, and that I truly am sorry. Their WHOLE atmosphere change about EVERYTHING they\’ve just experience.
It amazes me that what God said is true. God knows I mean well, and he has helped me to deal with my issue of having not understanding the attitudes of people. I\’m so happy. When I first started out writing in this blog, it would always be about my customers, but now since God taught me how to deal with things, I cant even remember the last time a customer got on my nerves and it was a conversation. LOL I had a hard time coming up with this example. I leave my job happy everyday I\’m working. I can tell when people don\’t want to talk, I can tell when they want to debate with me. I can tell when they want a deal. I can tell when they want me to wrap up a conversation so that they can leave. God said to me \’Lacrease I equipped you with the power\”. That is deep. To be honest, I didn\’t think that I was ever ever ever going to get over this. Do I ever find it hard to go to work and feel as though I have the \”power\”……oh yes! There has been days.
But see now I don\’t turn them into conversations anymore. When I came home and wrote about them…… bothered me. When I came home and told Neisha, it bothered me. When I called a friend and told them, it bothered me. But now……..I don\’t have a story to tell.
But now, guess what? I have another issue. LOL I\’ll share that tomorrow.
I love you all

3 thoughts on “The power to change the atmosphere!

  1. Great blog~ Funny how we always get pulled into do the right thing when God is on our side. I am in major change of my health right now and have been really giving it to God. Thanks for a great blog again~Love your smile too. hugs


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