Work was cool today. Thank you Jesus. It was one lady who tried to work me out but it didn\’t work, all I kept thinking was “Let it go” Let it go”. LOL.

Today I wanted to talk about an integrity issue. As you all know I work for Walmart, and I have to be honest here, back in my early 20’s I use to work for a drug store, and I was not an honest cashier. I started off working and paying for my things just like the next person. I don’t remember how or what made me start stealing, but once I started, I couldn\’t stop. As a matter of fact my issue of stealing got bigger and bigger, and before it was over……I was called to the office, and pressed to confess. That was the last time I ever stole anything in my life.

I was a cosmetics coordinator, trusted by everyone. When they found out that I was stealing, they were in shock, jaws dropped, I was ashamed and embarrassed as lost prevention told me to leave the store and never return again. (Reminds of me Adam and Eve) I have never stolen anything from anyone, but my reason then was that the store was rich and they could afford it. Lame I know!!!

When I saw Judy, @ Walmart, the gurl who worked side by side with me at the drug store. I was feeling funny, cause I know, I hurt her. I know I did. But for some reason, I wanted to let her know that I am not the same person that I was 11 years ago. I bet she probably wasn’t even thinking about that stuff. But I was, and I’m glad that my daddy ( God) know that I am not that same person anymore, and I don’t have to stress about who knows what about how I use to be. No matter what, I still feel as though I owe her a personal apology. Just for the fact that I know, she trusted me and never expected this reason for me being fired. I will probably feel that way, until I can tell her that face to face.

Which leads me to my growth and employment at Walmart. Ive been there for 4 years, and I/have never stolen anything…ever. I don’t even think about it. I know I’ve been changed. God has blessed me so dearly that I could never steal anything from anyone. People at my job trust me, and I will never do anything to jeopardize that again. Its funny that I mention this, because people come through my line, see my friendly face, and think that they can bribe me. I just shake my head, they have no idea that I’m looking for someone to apologize to someone for the theft I did 11 years ago. Please! They change sticker prices and expect me to honor it. I can’t, it’s something inside of me that can’t let this slide anymore. I know it’s God, that stuff does not belong to me. There is nothing you can say to get me to do anything against Wal-Mart especially when it comes to THEIR merchandise. That stuff does not belong to me, they hired me to be the accountant of their money, and I’m going to do just that. When people say to me ( guess to test me), just put that in the bag, let me have it, mark that down for me.. I say to them, I can give you anything that belongs to me if you ask, but not Wal-Mart’s. I told several customers they can call the 1-800 Wal-Mart number and ask one of Sam’s sons if they can have it. They laugh because they feel where I am coming from…………and plus I’m silly.

I have everything in my home/life that I could ever ask for, and MORE! Those days of stealing are over for me, and I thank God for all that I have learned . I’m so gone from my ways, that its not even about “getting fired” any more. Its\’ about what is God going to say to me at night when I’m alone? What is God feeling about what I did? It’s about the trust he has for me. It’s about what price will I have to be punished by? And as far as I can see, aint nothing in this world that good, for me to have to go home and face God on the same charges. NOPE, can’t even do it.

Guess, I’m saying in this entry is, if you are in charge of children, treat them well. If it is the elderly, watch over them. If God put you in charge of teens, take care of them too. If it’s over expensive merchandise, watch over it as your own. If its someone’s home, make sure you are keeping it clean. When people trust you, and you have proven that you are trust worthy. It will take you a long way.

I’m off to bed, Good night



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