*Too friendly?*


Today was a good day!!! Matter of fact it was a beautiful Blessed Day. I have been reading my bible daily faithful since March 28, 2008 and as I have wrote before, I am really learning a lot about myself. You know how you think that you\’re okay, but when God steps in and say okay……you need to work on this, and you need to work on that, and you really start to see what he\’s talking about. Then, he shows you in examples? That\’s where I am right now.

Let me explain.

I love people, flat out. No matter how many stories I share about them getting on my nerves at work. No matter how many people I have done wrong in my life, or they have done wrong to me, I still love and have this connection to them that I can\’t deny. I am a people person. You can introduce me to people of all ages, races, I can relate to them in one way or another. But what I come to realize is that, I can get so connected to people, that I start to act like them for a moment. For example. If someone comes through my line with an attitude, I can easily get one with them. When in reality what they are upset, angry, disappointed or mad about *AINT EVEN ABOUT ME*. I am learning through God to disconnect myself from them in that way. I belong to the Lord, I am suppose to be a light. I can\’t go dim just because they have their lights off . I\’m suppose to be the person who * jump start* their battery *through God* and get them back to him. I\’m not suppose to get an attitude just because they have one. Wow, how blind am I!!! They may need to hear an encouraging word, they may need someone to let them know that everything is going to be alright. How can I call myself a child of God, and here I am putting * Charcoal Fluid* on their fires?

There are times I wish I wasn\’t so connected to people. I can\’t help it though, because that\’s the way God wired me up. I know people who use the *I don\’t care about nothing and nobody line a lot * and they really don\’t care. I\’m different. I like to know that everything is going to be alright with people. I consider myself to be a happy person, I have a good relationship with God * always working to make it better*and I wish everybody was like that. But it\’s not that way, and I have to understand that. Some people I can reach some I can\’t. That\’s the part I\’m not getting in my head. People will always make their own choices, and there is no sense in me getting upset. God tell me all the time * Lacrease let me do my work and you do yours*. LOL When I let him work through the people, things always turn out like he wants it. It\’s not about Lacrease. God knows what he\’s doing and I trust him.

Just 2 weeks or so ago, my boss called me in the office to talk about my attendance, and to go over the policy, and then he said to me * Lacrease, you\’re too friendly with the customers.* So I looked at him, I guess in a funny way. Then he said * I don\’t mean like that, we need more cashiers like you, but you talk a lot to the customers. Now I can see if was rude and stopped and didn\’t ring while I was working. I was like WOW, with tears in my eyes about to cry!! I finished the conversation with him and went back to my register. Keep in mind I\’m a 5 star Cashier!! Why would you tell your employee something like that? He\’s not approachable, his communication skills are terrible and he\’s not friendly at all. so, I don\’t expect him to get me any way.

Here I am at my register trying to hear God over Satan laughing. I started thinking. I use to be the meanest, and ugliest person you can ever have working for you, the biggest retail thief in retail HISTORY, the gossip-est, big mouthed, cursing, revengeful coworker/employee in WORK history and you say *I\’M TOO WHAT? FRIENDLY?

That\’s why you\’ve got to know who you are when you wake up in the morning. You cant forget where you came from. You cant let people Praise you and enjoy it, because they are the same ones who will let you down. You\’ve got to know WHO YOU BELONG TO IN THE BEGINNING! Had he known where I came from, he wouldn\’t have never said that to me. His lips wouldn\’t be able to pronounce the words. He has no clue of the person I use to be, he don\’t know where God has bought me. I have came from a mighty long way, and for someone to say to me, *you\’re too friendly* is the biggest compliment I could ever get………when I think about it.

God is not through with me yet. I like to imagine a lot. In my head I see myself receiving my * paper* to walk through the gates to Heaven to meet my Jesus, and I see people like him standing along the fence………watching.

God Bless



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