* Anita Baker My Songstress*

Today was a good day!! Thank you Jesus!! For some reason I couldnt sleep last night. I went to bed and listened to my iPod until almost 4 am. After I put it away, I still couldnt get to sleep, until it was almost time for me to get up for work. That was at 7:45am.

Anita Baker is my FAVORITE FEMALE singer OF ALL TIME. I loved Anita since 1986 * maybe before then* when she came out with *I just wanna be your gurl*, with Chapter 8. My momma was up on it, she would play that song to death. During that time I was a young teenager. I was into boys and songs like Anita\’s made you feel good. Especially when you\’re feeling someone special. I use to go up in my room and play Anita Baker songs all day!!! I would watch her videos on Video Soul, and would sing and sway with her. She made singing and being in love so easy. All you need was the man of your dreams and you could imagine being * caught up in the rapture in love* with him.

When Anita had a concert here in Detroit with Luther Vandross, * I still have the ticket stub*. I was in the house!!! My mother bought us tickets and it was one of the most rememorable concerts I\’ve ever been too. I have all of Anita\’s CD\’s and have seen just about every video clip there is to see of her. She lives here in Detroit, just 10 minutes away from me and I have seen her at my job once, and missed her twice.

I\’m in her world wide Fan Club*@ yahoogroups* and I\’m known all over as * Beenwaiting4nita*. That name came about because she left for many years to have children and to raise a family with her husband Walter Bridgeforth. I loved the fact that she put her marriage and family first, and I always said that a faithful fan will always be there, and when she returned I gave myself the name * Beenwaiting4nita* It was truly a long and worth wild wait. And now…. She\’s back!

Last year she announced on stage in Detroit at DTE, that she will have a yearly concert here because* this is home*. I \’ve been to every concert here for the last 3 Summers straight, and just 2 weeks ago I purchased a ticket and I will be sitting front row and center on July 12, 2008.

Anita Baker will always be my #1 gurl

*Beenwaiting4nita *

Here is one of my favorite performances by Anita


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