* My gift*

Good Evening!

Today was a good day!! I didn\’t have to work today, but I have a full load ahead. Plus as I mentioned before my friend LaSonja is getting married on Sunday. I slept in late today, my phone was ringing this morning as usual. I laid on the couch just thinking about some of everything. Why do I think so much? I\’m always sorting things out in my head. There was something I was suppose to do this morning and still I can\’t think what it was. When I have business to take care of, if I don\’t do it, it will stay on my mind until I do. I did go to the cleaners to drop off my black gauchos that I\’m wearing Sunday. I love those babies, now I have to go to the mail Saturday after work and find me some shoes to go with it. Normally I wear my boots but its gonna be too warm for those.

After I left the cleaners, I ran in the store to buy some bread. As soon as I walked in some guy who works there was standing near the door. I walked in fast and in a hurry , looked up at him and said hey boooooo how you doing? He says: I\’m doing fine and you, I said pretty good, pretty good. * my momma talks like that*. He says: I see you are doing pretty good, I felt your Spirit when you walked into the door. I was bending down looking at bread trying to hurry up and get outta dodge, cause I was LOOKING RUFF!!! LOL But when he said that, I looked up at him and said thank you so much, I try to, Lord knows I do. So I went and paid for my bread and as I was leaving, he said wooooooooeee let me open up the door for you. He was flirting a little, but it was something else. It was my Spirit. If I could be this way all the time, that would be a good thing. Its hard work, and I\’m willing to do it. God wants his light to shine through us.The bible says: 16 In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven. Matthew 5:16 (New International Version) We must all encourage each other, and stay in the race. Tomorrow I\’m back to work and I must remember these same words I\’m sharing with you all. Be a light……….. Lacrease.

This morning when I was thinking about God, I started remembering the time when I was in my early 20\’s. I had just moved out from my parents home and moved into my own place. God would tell me things before they would happen and I was like wowwwwwwwww. He would whisper things to me, and when it was actually happening I would think about how he told me it would be. In my mind that was the good part. But when he told me that my daughter\’s father and my *supposedly* best friend exchange phone numbers. I didn\’t like that part. I couldn\’t put together a loving God telling me something after/before it happened, without stopping it. I couldn\’t comprehend that. So, guess what I did? I said God take this THING away from me. I said I\’m tired of knowing stuff before it happens, and when I tell others they don\’t believe me………….. and it end up happening anyway. I said I don\’t want to know. So guess what? He took it from me. Yep, he show did. For a long time, Cree-dog didn\’t know nothing!!!! I was in the dark just like eerrrrrrrrybody else.

As I got older I started going through my own challenges. I had went through so much mentally with my daughter\’s father that I needed God. I was mad because I had pushed him away. I prayed and prayed and prayed and I told him that I was sorry and that I wanted my gift back. I knew I was young and inmature and didn\’t know what I was experiencing. When he finally gave it back to me, it was stronger than EVER!!! I wouldn\’t trade my gift in for nothing in the world!!! Everyday he tells me something new, and the more I share it with others, the more they don\’t believe. And when it come to pass, I really don\’t have much to say. I just don\’t. But that\’s okay and its all good. I\’m keeping my goodies to myself. AND I GOT SOME TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

* rolling my eyes* tryna focus. Okay……………

I sit back and think about me and my husband * if the Lord say the same* and how I want to treat him. Something in me wants to just spoil him to death. When I give LaSonja her gift in a card, I\’m going to write a one page letter to her. Its mostly going to be my words, and Scriptures in the bible about marriage. I\’m so happy for them.

Well, I\’m closing for now, gotta go and read my bible lesson for today. Let me tell you all about that again. My and Neisha are doing this One year bible study, its dated daily and they have it so that you can read the Old Test, the New Test, psalm, and proverbs. Its sooooooooo interesting, and its not too much at the same time. Here is the link, please if you\’re not reading the word daily. Here you are! CLICK ON THAT LINK BELOW AND LETS START READING DAILY!

One Year Bible OnLine – May

Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight here is My #3 pair of Favorite Hollywood Men!

Maxwell, is one sexy brother. When he sings, he does something to me. He brings out all the Love that\’s inside. He makes me want to fall in love. He sings with such passion!! I\’m waiting on his next CD. I hope its soon because its been a while. I hear he\’s married and doing good, I wish him well!!! Maxwell. I\’m waiting on you boo!

Johnny * Blow* Depp!!! The eyes. The eyes. Eye contact is a mug!! He\’s sexy, he can get into any role, he lovesssssssssssss his children and I love that about him. I loved him in The Astronaut\’s Wife. He was crazy tho. LOL I\’m waiting on your next project Johnny!

Please click below and LISTEN to the lyrics in Maxwell\’s Song! One of my favorites ever from him. Imagine yourself in Love with you husband/wife!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh I love this song. I wrote a Love story by listening to this song.

I\’m gone!



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