Go Red Wings!!!!

Congratulations to the Detroit Red Wings, we won the Stanley Cup Tonight in a 3-2 win in Pittsburgh!!! I wish they could have won in Detroit, but its alright they won and that\’s the good part!!!

I love Sports and next year I promise myself that I was going to go to more Basketball games too. My favorite sport is Football. So, watch out, you may see me on TV.

My gurl Janet Jackson is coming to The Palace of Auburn Hills Sept 27, 2008 and tickets go on sale next Saturday morning!!! I want to go so bad. Tomorrow when I get to work Imma see if I can get someone to go with me, if not its 0n and poppin by myself!!! My friends are soo cheap LOL They probably say……….* the tickets cost too much* I can feel it now, so I need to make up my mind as to what I\’m gonna do. If I drive that far, Imma spend the night there like I did in April for the Piston game that was at the same place. So, imma see. Huhhhhhh Imma hate to hear what they gotta say. I\’m expecting to pay at least $120.00 probably more with taxes and surcharges. Not including $10.00 to park.

Today my coworker gave me a flier to go on her family and friends cruise for 7 days to Montego Bay Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel Mexico for Oct 25-Nov 1. I am there! Ive never been on a cruise before and I hear people say that you should go on one, at least once in your life. So, that\’s my chance and I\’m there!!! The first $50.00 is due June 15, 2008 so Janet……I dunno. LOL

Work was cool today. I had a lot to blog about, but I\’m sleepy now. So Ill blog about it tomorrow and oh yeah my favorite Hollywood person will be revealed this week!!!



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