Mr. and Mrs.Darrell Coleman!

Im back!!! What a wonderful weekend I had. Yall betta ask somebody cause there is a God!!! I am one tied Sista, I don\’t see how Tyler Perry does it, but as for me………….whew chile!!! Im tied!! LOL

The wedding was BEAUTIFUL!!! Oh my good ness. My friend looked so pretty, she loves her husband and he loves her!! You know how you can look into his and her eyes, and see love? Thats what I saw, they love each other. Im so happy for them both. I took lots of photos, I don\’t know how to work this camera to well, but I want to post a few of the cake and the beautiful Barrister Gardens.

Lasonga dancing with a guest. Lasonga after a long night. Bridesmaids, Tables, Lasonga and Darrell.


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