Secret Life of Bees. TP, Loyality

Hey There!!

Thank you Jesus for such a wonderful day with my mother, and Neisha. We had a good day too. We went to see The Secret Life of Bees and I cried all the way through the movie. I couldn\’t stop. Tears just flowed. I was sitting there asking God where are these tears coming from? Why am I so emotional? I went through every emotion possible. My little tissue paper was so tiny when the movie was over. LOL My mother was sitting next to me and she kept crying. I looked over at other people and they were crying. My throat was so sore, and my eyes were red, my eye liner was almost gone. Everyone pulled their weight in this movie. Please, please I encourage everyone to go out and support this movie, not only because its a Excellent movie, but too, because its opening weekend. You will love it.

After the movie let out we went out to dinner. Then…… we went over to my Sister\’s house. She lives around the corner from me so we see each other alllllll the time. I tell people, make sure you spend time with your love ones. I know we may not all get along, but at least call often even if you don\’t visit.

My coworker called me early this morning to tell me that they are releasing her from the hospital today. She was so happy. Shoo I was sleepy when she called, I was talking crazy, lol but I knew what she was saying. So she\’ll be at work tomorrow, I cant wait to see her.

Speaking of friends. Let me share this with you all. I work around a lot of women, and they can be some catty thangs sometimes. I see a lot of things, and God tells me * stay clear away from that mess*. I say boo, you ain\’t got to tell me twice. I can so much stuff before it happens, and I use to hate it. I love it, because it keeps me so out of trouble. But I hate when women become friends and you can see the disloyalty in the friendship. Especially when someone have something heavy going on in their lives. Why do their friends feel the need to tell their business to others when it was only suppose to stay with that person? That\’s just bold to me.

I\’m close to 2 of my managers, and we talk about a lot of heavy stuff. One day my manager got a phone call and it was about her husband. I didn\’t know because I was on lunch. When I got back, one of my coworkers asked me what had happened because when my manager got off the phone she was kinda sad. When I told my coworker I didn\’t know, she thought I was playing . I didn\’t know what she was talking about. So before I could ask my manager myself, she came to me and told me what happened. I guess my coworker saw her talking to me and figured it was concerning the phone call she had gotten. Shoo, when someone tells me something, I\’m not telling it, its NOT my business to tell it. Frankly I think its disrespectful for someone to come ask you ABOUT SOMEONE ELSE\’S BUSINESS!!! Matter of fact, I have to examine my self to see what is it about me, that makes you feel that you can even ask me about MY FRIEND! Yeaha, I\’m friendly, and nice, but what I talk about with N EEEEEEEBODY is not your business. I feel strongly about that, and recently I have lost friendships about this same thing. What me and you talk about is out business. People are real quick to take something and turn it all around, messing the whole thing up. I have NO MINUTES for that foolishness. And when I realized that my coworker was acting standoffish, I let her know, when it comes to people\’s business, I don\’t discuss that with no one. I asked her, would you tell your gurl business to me? She felt me on that, and she doesn\’t go there with me anymore. She respects me and I respect her. Just don\’t ask me about my friends business!!!

Guess what? Maxwell concert is Sunday night!!! I\’m excited. I hate I\’m going alone, but oh well, Lacrease has waited long enough for him, my time has arrived!! Hopefully I can take photos at the Fabulous Fox!

Tyler Perry sent an email out yesterday. Yea, he didn\’t mention about the writers. YES!!! That\’s his personal business, people don\’t know how to handle information these days. I\’m glad that they have resolved the matter and I\’m so happy that things are back in order. Praise God!!! He had a beautiful email. Ah, I just love my brother. He talked about Dreaming. I did take him off the market as far as meeting him, but now I\’m hopeful again. I guess I gotta keep on dreaming. Just because of him I am doing something I always wanted to do. I\’m not going to share it yet, but I will soon. I promise!!! I just love his emails they are so inspiring. OK, Tyler I\’m not mad at you anymore. You know I was because I wanted to be at that party Oct 4. You aiiiiiight now because of that uplifting email. * wink*

Aiight y\’all. I\’m off to bed. Gotta get up early for work, and then to the cleaners, and to the mall. Gotta be looking cute for Maxwell on Sunday. Oh yeah, my corker has to walk, her doctor has her doing this, and she asked me to walk with her. So I\’m doing that this weekend as well. I need it too!

Good Night


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