*In Charge* to be continued…..later

Hey Yall!

Today was a cool day at work. I was only scheduled for 4 ½ hours, I went in came out and left to take care of some business. I took $30.00 out of the money from the candy sale and went to buy more candy. Instead of using the money for T-Shirts we are going to knock some money off from the gurls trip to Cedarpointe, charging them only $40.00 a piece. The gurls came up with this, I thought it was a very good idea. Im going to really have to step my game up * as I did for the last meet* because instead of me doing most and all of the things, Im going to put some gurls in charge of different things. For example, when we are selling our candy, Im going to have one person in charge of counting the money and doing business with our customers. Last week there were too many hands in the pot and it looks confusing. So I already know who is going to be my chosen Accountant. Im going to chose someone to keep in contact with the other gurls as far as our trips, and things that we will be doing in the future. We have a hotel party coming up in Oct…..so we are going to need gurls to be in charge of that. I get into this habit of doing things myself, when I don’t have too. I get this thing where if Im not doing it, it won’t be right. I gotta get outta that, cause that could hold you back for real. These gurls would love to be in charge of something like this. So next meet Im going to put them to the test.

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