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From yesterdays saved unfinished draft…. 

Just finished my assignments and lessons for tomorrow’s meeting with my Raisingurls. I don’t know why I’m so last minute, but I always do my BEST work when under pressure. That kinda bothers me. LOL But oh well!!!

I’m leaving Friday to stay at the hotel with my Anita Baker friends who are flying in on Thursday and some are driving in that same day. I’ll be staying at the hotel with them the whole weekend because we have a lot of activities lined up. In the MC for the festivities and goodness I’m so nervous. Some feel since I have  this personality I will be good for this, but I’m so nervous. That’s the only thing that keeps me from really hurrying this weekend along.

Thank you Jesus for such a wonderful day. I learned a lot today about myself and my willingness to help others. But you know what? I learned that everybody don’t want help. You can pick somebody up and spin them around, and tell them for that day your feet don’t have to touch the ground, but deep down inside of that person they WANT TOO. And you know……….that’s what I learned. I’m not taking anything to heart anymore. I only care for the fact that I tried and I did my part, did what I can do, and if the other person is not willing ….it won’t happen. And today I learned that its OKAY. It really is. Im at peace knowing that.

Our meeting was GRAND today. My gurls left knowing one thing….and I’ll be back to that. Every 2 weeks I pick up 3-4 sometimes 5 gurls for our meeting. Some of the  gurls parents doesn’t have cars and they have to be picked up. I don’t have anyone helping me at this point, so I have to do everything by myself. Which is okay . But Im finding that when I pick up those gurls, some are still in Church service after 3pm, some are not ready and a few of them stay kinda far from me. So what I’ll do now is, instead of calling them to see if they’re coming, Ill wait for them to call me. Im finding that the ones who really have this group on their minds are those gurls who call me the day before and the day of. And the ones I have to call up, hunt down, wake up………..are the ones who will say days after * auntie* we had a meeting on Sunday? I have cut that short today. No more of hunting down members. They’re members who don’t have rides want to be here, and the ones who have transportation wants to * do them*. Thats fine, because today I realize that people only do what they want to do. It hurts me to my heart to want to help them so bad, but they chose to want to do other things. The sad part about this is, these kids parents are close to ME. So from this day on, I won’t spend any more weeks * since April* calling and asking, and almost begging kids to remember our meeting dates, when the ones who want to be here ARE HERE!!! Another thing I noticed too. The kids who are in Church, and the kids who parents are  concerned with their whereabouts at all time are the ones who come every meet. I noticed that today.

Today we had some very good interesting conversation. Im so good last minute. I came up with 11 questions last night for discussion today, and WE learned a lot. One of the questions were, how do you feel about your step dad/mom? One of my gurls said that long ago before she was born *11 now* her dad’s gurlfriend and mother got into a fight. Well she feels that her step mom is nice but she is still carrying in her heart the fact that they fought. She also feels that her mom and dad should be married and not him married to another person.  She also said that she treats her step mom nice, but she knows that her step mother has to work a little harder to get her to participate in activities. So this is what I did. In order to make her see that she has to move on from the past of her mom and step mom fighting before she was born, I gave her A,B,C, and D scenarios.

  • Understand that this fight happened over 11 years ago, before she was born

  • Her stepmom  and MOM are cool now

  • Her step mom treats her and her sister will love and respect

  • Her step mother can tell * she doesn’t believe it* that she asks funny towards her

I told her now based on all of that what LETTER are you having a problem with? She looked at me and said…….. I just wish my dad and mom could be married so that we can be one big happy family!!! Wow wow wow!! After we all finished this topic…… she smiled and said that she stop acting funny towards her step mom and that she now understand that her mom and dad are friends and they have both moved on. We all saw on her face that she really got it!!! Im so happy right now.  100_2769

I really hate that we have to cancel our Cedarpointe trip. Many of the gurls parents just didn’t have the money. I’m thinking that we should have planned this trip for next year. We were just trying to bond and get to know each other . So when next year come they will be ready and this time they will be more excited, and well bonded.

Well, Im off to bed gotta take my mom to take care of her business, and then my best-friend are going to get our Anita Baker shirts made. Thanks for reading. 100_2788


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