*Nice weekend with out of town friends*


I’m home!!! First before I get into this entry, I gotta Thank God for such a wonderful weekend I really had a great time with my Anita Baker family. I met a lot of great people, so many of our Fan members came out from all over the world!! Canada, NY, NJ, ATL, Virginia, Maryland * Detroit was in the house, Texas, and the list goes on. There were over 50 of us total who knew each other from the 2 fan sites. Anita had a lot of love out in the audience Friday night and I think she knows it. We took lots of photos…….ugh I had taking them but I did anyway. My sister , neice and Neisha went to the concert with me. We are already planning our next trip next year, and since Detroit is her home town we will continue to get together in this city. Im excited!!!

For the weekend I rented a 2009 Mazda 5 and I love it. I have to take it back in the morning. As a matter of fact in a few mintues we are about to go for a ride  .

Well alright be back later with more. JESUS




Back!!! Just took a ride downtown wooooe its jammed packed  on the riverfront. It was some kinda festival going on. Cars were parked everywhere.

I’m rambling right now. You know how something is on your mind but you really cant pinpoint it? Thats how Im feeling right now, maybe its a mixture of things, I dunno. I guess I know a few of them. You know how God tells you something a head of time and when it comes to past, you just look at the thing and smile, cry, wonder, or whatever. Thats what I go through daily. I listen to God, sometimes I get the creeps and what he reveals to me about people. I see so much before it happens. If I was in my early 20’s I wouldnt be able to handle this. No way! LOL Im happy that Im finally listening to him, and is able to sit on the sidelines and watch it go down. What Im saying is nothing bad, its just that its the way it is and I can chose to watch it, or cry about it. And Im tired of crying and whinning about what God shows me. Im so glad that he runs it by me first before it happens and when it comes to pass, its like I smile and laugh, cause no one can take this credit. Sometimes it could get real heavy, but Im not complaining. I wonder am I crazy, why am I so different sometimes. I’m a very different person, not saying that everyone is NOT also different, but I know I am. So many times I try to give advice on what I know * not really noticing that it was God telling me* and when it come to pass, if its something of a personal warning I’ll feel bad for them when it happens. But Im also learning that I have to keep it moving because I already knew the out come. I don’t have the time to sit/stand and pat backs. I have to keep it moving. God has me on that right now. No time for turning around to see what that last blow caused this person. There was a warning. I can chose to watch the disapointments on faces, or encourage them to KEEP IT MOVING. No one is dying or hurt, there are just things we have to watch, learn, and move it right along.

Ba back later


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