* Soon*

Good Sunday Morning 🙂

Today was one of those days where I’m just chilling. I have 3 more days off in a row and Im really loving it. I can sleep in and just take showers and snack. lol Well I can leave the snack part off.

I’m taking my *Raisingurls* to see I can do bad all by myself on Sept 12, and finding people to help me take some of the gurls who don’t have a car is hard!!!  I asked my Sister but she will have to get back at me, and I know one of the gurls who are in the  group her mother may help me. I dunno.  I know sometimes I can be really demanding, but this is important to me. That’s why I wish I had a Mini Van or a Truck to load my gurls up. And  with just one more parent * she would love to help me* I don’t have to ask anybody for nothing!!! I’m really frustrated about this because …yes this is my gurls group, and yes this is something that I’m really excited about. I can’t expect people to stop drop and roll because of my personal desires. When I went to ATL, we rented a Chrysler Town and Country Mini Van and I drove that baby like it was mines. I really think this is what I would need, versus a Truck that is smaller. Many of my gurls parents don’t have transportation and I have to pick up 3-4 gurls, and when its time to go home I take home 6. I don’t ask anyone to help me because they have other things to do. God always make a way for me . When I want to complain I don’t…….. I just do it. After the meetings I sit down in my living room and reflect on how the day went. I will order pizza’s for them and pick it up, they always have snacks for every meeting. And no matter what God always provide me with money and more. I’m never struggling on how things are going to turn out. I just need a Mini Van to carry my gurls to the movies, dinner, laser tag, bowling or just whatever. I was just on line looking at the prices… oh goodness noooo. I cant afford these, but I do have a God that will make a way. Check these out….



Thats a nice Van!!! Im loving it all over again. Soon, Ill have my own.


  I hate talking on the phone but now my phone calls are ridiculous. I have to call my friends back tomorrow. Well, its 4:57am and I have to be up for Church @ 10:45. I’m going to watch it via Streamingfaith.com. Good night Peeps. 

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