Whats up my Family!!!

What a roller coaster 2 days this has been. Yall are NOT ready for this  I’m about to talk about. Goodness. Whew!! 🙂

I’m apart of MAXWELL’S  Fan Forum and those ladies are ABOUT THEIR BUSINESS!!! Let me say this. When it comes to supporting MAXWELL gossiping free on the site, never allowed to discuss his personal life, and flying/driving state to state to see him perform, know that they are some ride or dies for real!!! Which tells a lot about who THEY ARE in their personal lives.  I love that about this group. They really love the man and the music.

Okay, I have been putting aside money for his concert here in Detroit for Sep 26, because I knew tickets would go on sale right after the arena was announced. When ticket dates was announced I went to my bank on Wednesday 8/12/09 and deposited $176.00. I came home checked on line like I always do and $198.00 was in there. Cool! Tickets didn’t go on sale until yesterday.  So, I had one day till presale date.  Well guess what? I had to work 9-1. Here I am at work trying to figure out what I’m going to do when tickets go on sale @ 10:00 am. Well yall don’t know but I’m a straight up HUSTLA!! Yep. When I set my mind to do something, I always do it, it happens for me. God hears me and he listens to me. I so appreciate his love. So, I went in and asked my boss can I take a early break @ 10:00 she said yea…… just let me know when that time come. Straight!!! Im  thinking I’m bout to buy my tickets  and get a good seat while I’m at work. Hahaha. @ 10:00a.m. my boss was walking up to me saying, go ahead and take your break. Yesss! Went outside set on the bench  had to put on my *Don’t ask me nothing…… yeah I work here, but I’m busy and on  my PHONE and on my PERSONAL time LOOK* and started calling Ticketmaster. Do yall know I spent all my break time tryna talk to this voice automated lady getting really peed-off! After being 5 minutes late to my  area, I zoned out pretty much for the rest of the 3 hours left at work. Flew home- got on line to purchase my ticket but some how I wanted to check with the others. So,  I called one of the ladies from the MAXWELL FANFORUM to see had she gotten hers. She was a little nervous about getting hers because we weren’t sure about the seating. So we called on 3 way to TICKETMASTER to ask question. Well, after we speaking with him we understood what he was saying, but one of the ladies that also purchased tickets was told  something different and so now we weren’t sure at all about anything. We decided to just wait for a few. We stayed on TICKETMASTER  tryna search for good seats. Oh before I go any further, did I tell how much ticket prices were? We’ll get to that later. lol

After a while we decided to talk later and if one wanted to purchase tickets to call the other. We were in contact through Twitter, but we still were miserable because we were scared to wait another minute even though we knew what seats and section we wanted. So we hooked up on the phone again about 3 hours later. We both went to TICKETMASTER and realized that we were looking at seats Section F1  row 6 seats 13-14 AND THE SAME TIME!!!! OH GOD was this a sign? Was this a sign to get the tickets so that we could at least sit together? Even tho were going to be 6 rows back from the stage. ( THAT’S FAR AWAY WHEN YOU’RE A MAXWELL FAN). I was the one who kept saying lets do it, lets get them, lets push the BUY BUTTON HOLLERING OVER THE PHONE YESTERDAY. So she was like lets do it? Lets do it? I’m like yessssssssss lets do it!! So at the same time we click purchased. All of a sudden mines said: Not approved * something like that* error in processing. So I’m sitting here like……..this is some kinda mistake… why is my Credit Card not accepting my order. I can hear my gurl on the phone saying. Ok Cree mines went through. She hears me getting loud like WTH is going on. When I told her what was going on and that I couldn’t explain why my card was rejected I know she couldn’t help but to wonder if she would be sitting by herself, when she could have gotten a good seat up front. I zoned out tryna figure out what THE HELL HAD HAPPENED…something came to me saying……check your account on line. I had checked it the day my noney was deposited everything was cool. I logged out of TICKETMASTER and looked at my account and to my horror it said that I had $22.00. I was HORRIFIED! My head instantly started pounding. I had a headache so bad I felt like my head was going to make a tiny split in the middle of my forehead with puss and blood seeping through. My head was banging so bad I had to take 3 ADVILS AT ONE TIME to get it to stop hurting. I clicked over on the 3 way and called my bank. It was 4:38 and my branch was  CLOSED!!! Customer service did answer and connect me to the branch that I opened my account with years ago, but directly down the street from my branch was the branch I went to deposit my money. I explain to the manager that I came in on Wednesday and deposited $176.00 and I didn’t see in posted in my account, but the first day it was there. He looked in his system and didn’t show a sign of my paper work. Talking about heated. Only God know what I was going through about that. He asked me did I have my slip, and I told HIM YES IT WAS IN MY HAND. He told me to check and make sure it went in the correct account. I told him yes it did, this is my account. He said that it went anything he could do because they were closed but to go to that branch it happened and talk with someone there. We hung up and it was nothing I could do. She had her ticket, and it was NO GUARENTEE  that the very next day we would sit together. That’s the part that bothered me. See I was going to the concert NO MATTER WHAT!!! THAT WAS A DONE DEAL, but it was a matter of sitting together at this point. And plus she got her ticket and she was feeling bad about what happened. It was a mess. I had to take a 2 hour nap to make the headache go away. I had never in my life felt this bad.

My first question was……….why did this happen God. What is it that you want me to see?  I know him, I know its something he wants me to PERSONALLY GET. What I dunno. How bout I can’t even thing at this point. All I want to do is go to this BANK AT 9:00AM, AND TALK TO THESE PEOPLE ABOUT MY MONEY!!! THEN I want to sit next to my gurl because we wanted to have fun together. How can we get that moment back? I mean how can we buy tickets off line, a day apart and still sit together? First of all I’m no where near a baller. but I live good, I have a nice place, and my bills are  $0.00 at this point. Gas, lights, cable bill, cell phone bills, food everything is good in my life. No worries , no money problems or anything. That excludes that, so good must be trying to tell me something else.

That day about 8:00pm I went to pick up Neisha from school. I was in the car and I started praying to God saying please, please please God let me get that seat again that I had when my CC was denied. I said Lord, I feel bad for what happened and leaving my gurl out there to sit alone, and would you please block that ONE SEAT for me, and don’t let anyone else see it on line to purchase it. I said Lord let that seat be for me and only me okay? After I said that prayer a peace came ova me. I was in heavy traffic and praying my butt off.

Went home, didn’t want to do anything but go to bed. My sister came over * I love my Sisters like CRAZY*when she left I hit it!! Couldn’t even sleep thinking about me marching in that bank and telling them to RUN MY 176. I woke up @ 6:30 what kinda stuff is that? I had enough sleep, I needed to get to this I laid there till 7:00am. Got up and something*God* told me to check my bank account. I looked at it and THERE WAS MY LOOT!!! LOL MY MONEY WAS IN DA HOUSE!!! I went straight to TICKETMASTER!!! I typed in the pass code, then the ticket amount, and how many I wanted. When it came up……guess what TICKET it was? YEP, IT WAS THAT SAME TICKET THAT I WAS DENIED ON. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL FUNNY!! I CLICKED PURCHASE AND IT WENT THROUGH. I called my gurl ! 7:08 something like that, this morning. I had to call her and tell her that I got that same seat back that I prayed for, even though it was the next day over 12 hours later. lolllllll

So, now since I have my ticket right here with me. We both went on line today and they have some front row seats available. Now I’m kinda mad about that cause maybe God was telling me to hold out like we had planned too. Cause the seats and section we want we think they’re going to release those tomorrow for the  GENERAL PUBLIC . See we have passcodes for the presale. There are ladies on the FANFORUM who lives in Toronto andthey have better seats than we have. Trust me 6 rows back is NOT good when you are use to be in 1st and 2nd row at your favorite perfomers concert. Did I tell you how much these tickets cost? Ill be back to that.

So, now In thinking and I know she is too. Should we sell these tickets and buy single tickets so that we could be closer? I feel so DUMB because I can’t get this thought out of my mind. I am grateful Lord knows I am that I could even afford to go to this concert. And at the same time, its like I can do better with these seats and for some reason I want too. I really think I’m going to give Neisha my ticket and when check day come buy me another one. Dayummmmmmmmmmmmmm i feel stupid right now!! I’m just a woman who wants the best, I’m sorry. I think high like that. Many thoughts are going through my mind, and many I haven’t even talked about. I’m really thinking about doing this for real.



Yep, $200.00! Only MAXWELL, TYLER PERRY AND ANITA BAKER  can get money out of me like that. Whew Thank you Jesus.




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