Mastered it!

2009-09-01 00-18-38.218Hey Everyone,

Today was a good day.  Every time I think about how I have learned how to deal with people and their many issues or personalities I thank God. There was a time when I first started working at Walmart I just couldnt understand why people would act the way they did, and dog out the cashier. Im so happy that I finally learned without losing myself and getting caught up in the disagreements. Everyday I hear that voice in my mind telling me that I will be going higher, and that Im going to be dealing with people on another level. So this step I have to master. When I first got hired at Walmart, someone told me that the Walmart customers where the hardest to deal with. Boy they wasnt lying. lol Almost 6 years has come and I can say that I am ready to move on. I don’t know where God is going to have me moving next, but I know that I’ll be working with people. I always wanted to run the first desk at a very nice hotel. I keep seeing Atlanta, Atlanta. Atlanta. I know if I keep thinking about it, its going to happen. Gotta pray on that one for real.:)  Going to bed……….. I’ll write tomorrow……….Sleepy weepy.

2009-09-01 00-15-36.386

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