~Nita and La’Crease~ Random Thoughts


 Ok, there are so many things on my mind that Im going to call this blog entry LaCrease’s Random Thoughts*.

  •  Today I signed up for Habitat for Humanity at my job theyre going to update us on our project soon. Im excited about that because I love helping people.

  • Cree’s Feeding the Homeless for Thanksgiving * and taking it to the streets 2009*  is going to feed 50 people this year with the help of family and friends.

  • I hope I win Tyler Perry’s I can do bad all by myself movie Premeire for 2 in New York, Sep 8, 2009 for 2 nights.

  • Thinking about moving to Atlanta more and more everyday. Its been 16 years since I first went there and its been on my mind every since.

  • I miss my nephew he’s coming home Sep 1!

  • I lost 5 pds and picked up 1 this morning.

  • Got hooked on * Mac* make up this week by Neishia

  • Cut down on my Tweets this week because I am ADDICTED!!!

  • My Birthday is Thursday……….oh yea and Neisha’s too 🙂

  • I know that Michael Jackson was a good person, just wish I had met him

  • Raisingurls To Women are going to see Tyler Perry’s I can do bad all myself  as a group,……. opening weekend.

  • My hair is a nice long length…. I think Im addicted to my new friend name……..DRAW STRING PONY TAIL.

  • Sleepy…………Good Night

Here is  *Nita*








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