*Random Thoughts………..again*

2009-09-01 00-11-56.940I love that photo of my. It shows so much of who I am, and my personality in just one glance. Before I get into the * meat* of this blog entry, I just want to Thank my Heavenly Father for such a beautiful week. This past week I celebrated my 42nd Birthday along with my daughter who turned 23 the same day 9/3. Yesterday 8 of us,  my family members went to have dinner around 8ish at the Hard Rock Cafe in Downtown Detroit. We had a ball. The streets were blocked off because we had own annual Jazz Festival that runs through Labor Day. Then @ 11:00 sharp we had a 20 mintue Fire works over the Detroit River. That was sooooooo ooooo and ahhhhhhhhish. lol Just to sit in the downtown breeze, and look up at the fireworks, while listening and watching Carla Thomas sing. She has a beautiful voice. I had to Thank God for such a lovely evening with my family last night.

Today I woke up kinda tired. Work has been off the hook all week. Its the holiday weekend and people are shopping for their kids to go back to school on Tuesday. Today we didnt have a Raisingurls Meet because next week we are all going to see I can do bad all by myself!!! We are so excited. This  will be our first meeting out together as a group. My gurls can’t stop asking me about it. So were pretty excited about that.

I love Twitter and I really enjoy the fan/celeb interaction. But one THANG bothers me . When celebs get so much LOVE from the fans that they really dont know how to appreciate how to enjoy it. I have seen group Leaders go beyond the call of duty do everything they can do make sure that the artist are protected

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