Updates on Raisingurls


Its been a while since I really decided to sit down and blog. I have really been busy working longer hours, getting ready for my Feeding the Homeless for Thanksgiving, my gurls group Raisingurls To Women, and myself.

This past Sunday I took all my gurls out to dinner at the Country Buffet. We had a good time. What happened was, we were suppose to have a coupla gurls make taco salads for all of us when we had our meeting. But I was busy working out and working that when I remembered I didnt feel like going out and buying the things needed. So when they came over for our meeting they were hungary. No way!!! So, I called my Sister and asked her would she mind coming over and picking up some of my gurls so that I can take them out to dinner. Dinner was good and it was good being with them.

country Many of my gurls live near me and walk over together on our meet days, so since winter is approaching and I dont have a car big enough for all of them, I am closing the group down until April 2010. I dont want my gurls walking over, and its really a job picking them all up with no help and not large enough car. The gurls are really upset about that too 😦 I feel really bad because they LOVE coming over to my house. The love it. I hated to break the news. So, on November 14-15 I am giving them a Hotel/Pool Party!!! Im renting 3 rooms at the Western Hotel where they have the biggest indoor water park. They are soooo excited about it. Plus, we went as a group *19 of us* to see Tyler Perry’s movie I can do bad all by myself. Now we are hoping that PRECIOUS comes to Detroit next weekend so that we can see it as a group.

Im tied. Tomorrow I want to write about Tyler Perry’s last 2 messages, plus talk about  me joing a gym with my sisters!!! Feeling good about that. Talk to yall later.


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