Yeah I know Ive been MIA. But Im back babies!!! HAHA. For those who know me personally know that I am very silly, love to laugh, HATE gossip, but LOVE discussions. So in the words of KYLE from College Hill…… So Whats upppp? lol

So much as happened or taken place since I last post. I joined Fitness 19 last Tuesday and have been working out 3 times a week so far. Today Im on my way to work out again. Im really loving it too. I take one day at a time. And you know its funny that Im saying that because when people say they are taking one day at a time, Im like yeaa, thats what you do. But no I really know what they mean by that. I have to think about living this day out. I have to think about today, and not think about whats going to happen tomorrow with my eating or over eating. Today I am really taking one day at a time. The day I joined Fitness 19 I didnt work out that day. I started working out the following day which was that Wednesday. Yesterday I weighed myself and I lost 6 pds. Im really excited about that. My coworker told me about this place, after she joined, I joined. And guess what? Neishia signed up and joined with me. WE have so much fun at the gym. My daughter is very slim and trim,  so she motivates me to do more, to eat less, to set goals for myself. Cause baaaaaaaaby when Cree is on that Tread Mill she be about to pass out!!!

Be back tomorrow for more. Been busy yall!

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