a “clogged” mind

Lord, Thank you for the wonderful people who you placed in my life. People who Ministers to me and show me Scriptures of your word. Today was truly a day that I needed them. Mentality, I was checking out temporary. So many things coming at me… and my over analyzing wasnt helping at all. My mind is all over the place again, and when it gets that way, I can’t hear from God, and when I can’t hear from him…………that’s bad. He’s my lifeline. I went to bed in tears last night because I needed a word and I knew with a “clogged” mind, it wasnt happening.



I woke up this morning, feeling good, hoping today would be  better . Just to break down in the middle of the day. When I don’t understand something, I get this way. God knows that I HATE to feel like this. Its like I want him to stop what he’s doing, and talk to me 911. I don’t get like this all the time, only when I really need to know why certain things are happening. I feel as though I’m in the dark.



Thank you Jesus! I love you.


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