I was thinking earlier ( probably over analyzing) about my friendships. Sometimes I think that Im misunderstood. I like to do my own thang. A few of my friends feel that if I don’t call them in a few days, that Im mad at them. Im diffferent. I can go days and weeks without calling, that doesnt mean Im mad. And why do I have to do the calling first, or all the time.  Im not a clingy person, its okay if we don’t talk daily.


When you are friends, you are suppose to be able to leave off on one conversation, and pick it up the VERY next time you speak………… so what if its days or weeks later. I get so many phone calls and voice messages asking why didnt you email me back, and why don’t you call me back when I called. First of all, if you know me well, you know Im not a phone person. My hands need to be free so that I can do other things, and then people get mad when Im doing 2-3 different thngs at one time. Like Im suppose to stop what I’m doing, while they talk up 3 hours of my day. Respect how I feel about the phone, say what you gotta say and lets be done.

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