I went to the Park…

Thank you Jesus for a new day and new mercies. Thank you Lord.


This morning I took Neisha to work @ 9. Driving relaxes me, and so as I got almost in the drive way, I started thinking, let me run in the house grab some things and I’m out! I went in and got a mixture of CD’s. I took Maxwell, Anita, Gerald, and several Wow and Kirk Franklin. I forgot my water, but I got pen and paper, some old journals ( before the computer came I use to write all the time) other things, and I went to Belle Isle Park. I love that place. It’s so huge and peaceful. The Detroit River surrounds it. I can see clear over in Windsor Canada. The joggers were out. runners, people walking their dogs, feeding the animals. 


I got there @ 10:00 am, and found me a nice spot right under a tree. Ah, it was so beautiful and so peaceful. Just looking up at the sky, and the trees makes you say…. Thank you Jesus, Thank you Lord. I popped in a CD and started writing everything that was on my mind for the last month, leading up to today. I didn’t know I had a story to tell. LOL When I looked up from writing it was almost 4:00 pm!!!! I wrote 12 pages!!!! No computer, nothing but pen and paper. I havent done that in years, I even took my old journals and read them. LOL That was a trip. I’m happy that I had a clear enough mind to write. Because if my mind is not clear, I can’t write a sentence. In the mist of writing I was thinking, writing, crying, thinking, mad, laughing, crying, thinking, writing, writing, crying, and  GRATEFUL!  I experienced all types of emotions today. Tonight or tomorrow, I’m going to type it out in email, so that I can keep it for myself. I love going back 12 years and reading how much I have grown.


 Im down 10 pds total since my last trip to ATL! Yeaaaaa Creeeeee ( u gotta encourage yourself)


Well, I’ll be away for a minute. Bye  

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