Imagine Me…..

Thank you Lord for today. For waking me up and for loving me. For looking out for me, for caring for me and all that I do. I thought that I was done crying……..there’s more. I care and worry about everyone but myself sometimes. I have to make sure everyone is okay, but when it comes to LaCrease, I think that I have everything under control…… but I don’t. Oh the tears that flow. I just need to step back and be humble. Be quiet sometimes… listen… Yep, friend you’re right, I let Emotions take over me. I need to slow down….. .



One of the desires of my heart God gave …….. still pushing it away. Praying it returns …..again………..again…. again. Lord, work with me to get MYSELF  together. Let me Listen and do your Will. Humble me….. show me when I’m wrong. Allow me to just listen. LISTEN ! LISTEN! I hear you calling, my mind is distracted. Im going to get it together, because I WANT TOO, I NEED TOO. Lord, help me.


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