Imagine Me 7


Praise God for another day!!!


I was off today, went to the grocery store, took care of all my last minute business for my trip to Atlanta next week. Everything was going good.


Tonight, as I was perming my hair, Neisha came in the bathroom to talk to me. We talked about that Saturday morning that lead to all of this. She said that she was sleep, and that God woke her up out of her sleep, and told her to go in my office and see about me. I remember so clear when she came in here, she had this * momma what are you doing look on her face*, and when she went to ask me, I threw up my finger and said ONE MINUTE  Neisha. She said what ever I was doing, she knew it wasnt right. So, she pulled out her Ipod, and read all my emails, coming in and going out. She didn’t talk to me that whole day, but I was too “blind” to notice or  even care. She was soooo mad at me. Tonight is the night she could actually talk about it. And the bad part about all of this, she saw all of it coming. Everything she said would happen….  HAPPENED.  Why am I just realizing this?



I’m just so embarrassed, and so depressed right now.


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