*All of you Lord, and none of Cree* ( Day 23)

Dear Lord,

Thank you for answering my prayer yesterday. I really, really, appreciate it that so very much. You know it was on my mind, and you told me not to worry, but to focus on what my daily task from you were. And I did!! I didn’t see that blessing coming, and it was right on time!!! LOL Its funny, because I see how you work on my behalf. I was happy and very appreciative.

Thank you for sending all those different people in my life back in April-May-June. My life has changed so much, when I look back on that day, I just can’t believe how far you have bought me in such little time. And you know  my Lord, how I want to  always KNOW what you want with me. You know I’m going to call on you, and call on you, and call on you until you tell me what it is you want and expect from me. LOL !!! MY WHOLE WORLD SHUTS DOWN FOR THAT!!! I didn’t want to eat, talk on the phone, go anywhere, see anyone,  do anything, or even watch a movie . I dunno why I’m like that, but you really got my attention, and just when I thought I knew everything you had to tell me……… there was more!!!  LOL You are so full of surprises. I’m so loving you right now. I think about you all day, you clear my thoughts of bad ones. You are right here with me.

I still cannot believe all the things you showed me that I could do!!! Man, when you’re not focused, things can really get out of hand fast. I can’t believe how far gone I was…….goodness. Just thinking about it, makes me NEVER want to relive those days again. I see so much. I’m also learning to be consistent, Thanks to what you have me doing. I know by now I would have been quit!!!! LOL Everyday I wake up and ask for strength because it’s not easy, but its doable. And I’m at a place where I WANT AND NEED to do this. There are still some areas that I am so weak in, and need to learn how to deal and work on them. Will you show me? I will talk to you about them in a private place.


 All of you Lord, and none of Cree!! Amen!

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