Day-Day and Nell (Raisingurls to Women)

What a week!! LOL Thanking Jesus for everything, he has really truly showed me himself. I’m so blessed, and it has really humbled me. I ve been quiet for 4 days, just listening, and tuning it to everything that is going on in and around my world. Where do I start?


I had a good time with my Sistergurls group that I started on Facebook several months ago. We went to see For Colored Girls  Saturday Nov 6, and out to dinner @ Ruby Tuesday. We had a very, very, very nice time. They want to do something else soon, so I am in the midst of planning something. They really enjoyed the fellowship and the conversations after the movie. I really enjoyed my self and seeing all the ladies come together as one. I always knew that I can get people to gather, but God has really shown me that I can be a very powerful woman. I think that I procrastinate too much. I can be much more. I need to stop filling my plate up with so many things at once. When I took my paper to work so that my coworkers can sign up to feed 75 people this Thanksgiving, I didn’t know that so many people are really willing to help. I am just about done with collecting everything. I have so much stuff here and I look at it and say Thank you Jesus!!! Just by opening my mouth, we are going to feed 75 people this year. This is my dream. This is something that I always wanted to do. People ask me why don’t you go to a soup kitchen and help out, or why don’t you cook the food and take it to a homeless shelter. Thats not what my vision. I laid up on my couch many of times, wishing that I could cook food for the homeless and pass it out MYSELF. Never knowing how things would turn out, too fearful of what others would think of me. I am so over what folks think of LaCrease. So over that. I can do anything I want, because if it’s in your heart, it will flow out of your mouth. Youve got to speak it, think it and believe it. 


 I remember when I first moved into this house, I would lay on the couch late at night, and imagine my living room filled with women being delivered from abusive relationships, sexual offensives, violence, and some of the issues that we have as women have. We don’t know how to love our men, because we are so ANGRY inside. We are VERY angry. And once we are gone to deep, we feel as if we don’t have hope. We feel like we have to take whatever it is that we are going through. We don’t want to be asked” why are you single”? We rather have a man just to say we do. So, with that said right?


I came home one day after last Saturday and put together a committee of 3 out of the 71 women in my group and we are going to have another gathering this time OVER NIGHT! We are going to chat into the wee hours in a very beautiful atmosphere in downtown Detroit. As time go on, I’ll be back to discuss. Its gonna be A HUGE deal and a BIG BREAK THRU!!! no-one knows about it except the 3 of us, so I’m excited about that. 🙂


My car will make it through the snow, I hope. I need a truck May 1, is coming soon. My Raisingurls meeting will start back on that day, and many of my gurls don’t have rides to my house for whatever reasons and that bothers me. I pray to God, that something happens for us before then. That was one of the reasons why we didn’t have meetings this year. I see and talk to them all the time, a few of them have babies too. I want them to come back and talk to my new gurls about parent hood and how their lives has changed. Thats going to be interesting too. 

I’m off to bed, work is due me in the morning!! Be Blessed!

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