My busy day!!!!!

Today was a wonderful day Lord. Thank you for all the work I got done. My mind speeds daily with ideas, and thoughts, past and present things. I have to calm down and regroup myself when I move to fast. I did a serious mult-task today. LOL I had to finish writing and texting people who need to get items to me for the Thanksgiving Dinner for the Homeless. Then I had to write out a plan as far as the cooking. My sister and her husband is making macaroni and Cheese, and my other sister and her husband is buying the  chicken. I have to make sure the silverware is wrapped up in the napkin, we do that the day before so that we don’t have to worry about that. We also put the donuts , brownies, dinner rolls and cookies in baggies as well. We make sure the water, juice and pop is cold and placed into  plastic bags. We also cut off foil so that we can cover the food just before we seal it. I’m even making the potato salad the day before. I want the  cranberry to be sliced. I want my celery, onions, and bell pepper to be sliced and ready to go into the dressing. There is a lot to do before we can even start to fix plates. I like to be organized when I do this ( my family says I’m bossy and they can’t wait till it’s over LOL).  I don’t have attitudes or anything, they are just so use to me being silly, and always laughing, but when it comes to business they know I’m different and like to make sure things run according to the  plan. I just know what I want, and how I want it. I’m going to say a good prayer before I start. LOL

Then I was reading my messages on Facebook, and as bad as I need to return phone calls ( Lord, help me in that area, so ppl wont think I’m acting funny, I just hate talking on the phone) I need to call some folks. I did text a few ( haha) and sent email to them tonight. I fried some chicken today, and had a nice dinner. I did something else that im happy about. I made a menu for the homeless for Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day. I want my friends and I to cook for them on the holiday for 2011. My menu is all made out and everything that needs to go with it. When I do that……. it’s a done deal. Also, I have plans for Valentines Day Care Packages for the Homeless. I have everything that I want then to have written down and after the first of the year, I’m going to announce it to my Sistergurls group. There are 71 of us, and we should be able to complete the VISION. I’m very excited about that.


 And also I reserved served hotel rooms for my Raisingurls for a party next June. You have to do that wayyyyy in advance at this place. Rooms fill up fast, and the prices are outta this world. So we are set for our dates, they are gonna have to earn this weekend for real!!! My group meets May 1, 2011 @ my home, I can’t wait. What a long time coming. I still don’t know how I’m going to get a Van or Truck. We have so many kids who have a hard time getting to my house and that bothers me so bad. They feel bad when they can’t come because of transportation. Also when we go bowling, to hotel parties,  dinner and  to the movies, I have to ask my sisters to help me take them. I need my own truck next year. I dread the day in a way, but something will work out. I just dunno what! I’m hopeful.

I’m about to brainstorm 2 functions for my Sistergurls. They are asking when are we getting together again. I went down to the Motor City Casino to meet with someone to show me the rooms, and whewwwwwwww those babies are expensive!!! LOL They are nice tho. We saw the Premier Suite, for the one I want its $2600.00 a night!! If we all pitched in we would be $100.00 out. But this week, I’m going to MGM Grand Casino, and to the Renaissance Center to look at The Presidential Suites and Junior Suites. The receptionist guy was acting so funky, all I could do is stare at him, cause I was minutes from nutting up on him. Neisha was looking at me, like “OH JESUS PLEASE DONT LET MY MOMMA SET THIS PLACE OFF.! LOL She kept looking at me, and you know she saved that man. Because he goes to the back to tell his manager about what I wanted. And he comes back and says he’s not in. Then goes on to say, um um um um well, um um he says that you can’t book it this far in advance. And for you to write down your name and phone number where you can be reached. I said how is it that you said he wasnt here, but at the same time you said, HE SAID….. I can’t book that far in advance? He was sooooooooooooooo nervous. I told him No Thanks and walked away. Gotta work on my patience for real!!

Just now I had Neisha to finish my write up for my managers for Feeding the Homeless. It’s very nice too. So I sent that off in email. It’s almost 3 am, and I have work in the morning!!!

Good Night!!!

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