Just another day…..


Wow, where do I start? First Thank you Lord for showing me so much Love, not only to me, but my family. I see everything that you’ve done, we all see it and we Thank you so very much.
 Thank you for the laughs and smiles, and mostly the questions you answer for me. I’m starting to understand that I’m a right now person, I want to know things now, when they’re going to happen, how things will happen, who are involved, where, when, what time, what day, but you Lord, by reading the Bible daily, I see so clear that you do things when you get good and ready, and your time is NOT LA’CREASE’S TIME. LOL. I have to laugh at myself because you will not be moved by my 1000 questions of when and why LOL…..and I Love that about you. This teaches me to be patient and in doing so, I’m learning a lot about myself. So Thank you Lord.
I gotta write about these 3 middle aged white ladies, who came through my line yesterday. When they first walked up, I felt in my Spirit that they were something else. When you invite God to live inside of you, you carry him with you where ever you go. If I come in contact with some bad spirits  God inside me will do these “flips”. I can feel him , and then I  see why. I know that these people are in the area because I get a bad feeling.
 So me, being Cree, smiled and said “Hello”. They all spoke with dryness.The one lady asked me did she have to take her case of water out of the cart “because it was too heavy”. I smiled and said “No ma’am” I got you, even if I have to come around. See, when people with spirits like them, I have to make sure that I’M EXTRA NICE, because when I know that I have done all I can, to make these 2-3 minutes with them as pleasant as possible, then I know its not me. So the other lady with her ‘smart mouth’ gon say… well yea, I guess you could come around the scanner IS wireless. I looked up at her, gave her the eye as if to say, STRIKE ONE. After I scanned the water, the lady had 25-30~ 2 liter Mountain Dews and Pepsi’s. Instead of her putting the bottles on the counter so that I can scan them, she chose to just tell me how many of each flavor she had. Which was cool, because a lot of the customers do that. Okay, but after I scanned them all, the customer look to me as if to say……I need these in bags. And my look at her is……okay if you want them in a bag, stop being lazy and set them on the belt instead of calling off how many you have. So when the lady realized that she may need bags, after I mentioned it, she grabbed some bags to pack later. She paid and stood there waiting for the other 2 ladies.
I’m ringing up the elder of them both. Very nice lady too, she was very old but you can tell that she needed help with her transaction. After I rung her up, they decided that they would let her exchange the money with me, I guess so that she could do her own thing. Some ladies who are older still like to do things. Well, as I was giving her the change, the one lady LOOKS AT ME REAL FUNNY and says….. ‘make sure you count your change mom”. I looked at her, and all I could say is “Jesus”….and I walked away ( I didn’t have any more customers at the register, whch gave me private time to take and spit that mess out). Both of the ladies ( not the elderly) were so ignorant, and it was so obvious that they didn’t care. After I said Jesus, and walked away from my register to “regroup”. The one lady said excuse me ma’am, excuse me. I didn’t hear her, but my coworker called my name and I turned around. I noticed that the lady wanted me. I walked towards her and  started smiling again because, I want to be out of the clear of “having an attitude”, I made sure she saw all of my teeth. I walked up to her and said yes ma’am…. she said did I offend you when I told my mother to count her change? I looked at her as if to say…..”you know the hell you did”. But I wanted to see where she was coming from and said “No why did you say that”?  She said “Oh I just thought that you were offended because I  told my mom ( the lady was 1000 years old) to count her change. She know dongone well, her momma wasn’t in her right mind to count her $1.21 change. I said oh no, I’m good, you didn’t offend me. She wanted to say because when I was walking away you called out “Jesus” name. And I felt that I was being rude, and it was for me. I wanted to say “ma’am its not even about the money, or the wireless scanner, OR THE POPS NEEDING BAGS”, its about you and your sister’s WHOLE DEMEANOR”. It’s clear that they both were prejudice.
My thing is this, if you felt you were being rude ( she was) then you must do this all the time. This is not new to you, but she felt convicted in her heart, when she heard the name of JESUS!!! Now I would have been wrong if I told her that the God in me did FLIPS AND CARTWHEELS WHEN THEY ALL WALKED UP!!! But that would have been going to far ( and I do sometimes). SMH …these people crazy!!!
People and their mess dont phase me anymore. I have a good life, family, good friends, its hard to shake me as where you could years ago. Im not moved by their unhappyness. I’m good, if people want to act a fool, thats cool with me. I DO HAVE A CLOWN SUIT, but I chose not to WEAR IT especially dealing with people who are only in my life for a few mintues. This year, Im trying to change the way I think and look at things, there will be challenges, thats cool too. Im going to always walk away smiling because I feel good!! And on that note, my Sister is about to pull up, and then we are going to swing by our other Sister house to get her. We are going out to dinner……. MY TREAT!! Let me go before she blow my cellphone up!!
Be Blessed!

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