Dear God

Praise God for these days.
Lord, last week was  a very trying week. You showed me just how strong I am. Never knew I had that in me. It amazes me that in the midst of what I was going through, you REMINDED me of your word, and most importantly the words I said to you, when * things were good*. I had to remember those words and use them in my time. And I laugh, I laugh Lord because you make me laugh even through all that I went through. I am stronger than I thought I was, and by showing me that……. is all I needed to see.
The things that you tell me in advance, sometimes I feel like I can’t handle them, but I CAN, its just that I don’t like to see some of it come to past. But you know what Lord, truth is the truth and it will always stand. I Love you for looking out for me, and for the LOVE you show me.
You know my prayers, I have turned it all over to you, I am not thinking or worrying about anything, what ever is your WILL ……….. let it be done. I can doing other things, while you work behind the scenes for me.
Lord, just please show me how to handle the things you tell me in advance. Sometimes I don’t always know how to deal with it when it come to pass. I’m use to you telling me so much, but I don’t always handle the situation/issue/blessing the right way. Sometimes I blow up, sometimes, I’m quiet, sometimes I do even want to talk to the person anymore, and sometimes I handle it properly. For someone to have so much information ahead of time, you would think by now I would have them down pack, but I don’t.
For example today. You told me something and it came to past, and I kinda feel bad. Going to bed, feel like crying. I love you Lord, we’ll talk later.
Good Night

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