Cree’s Ramblings…

Today was a good day 🙂 Thank you Lord (((hugs)))
I think I’m going to ramble because my mind is all over the place. LOL
I love using “words of endearment” to my customers and especially kids. When I greet a child and say ” hey pretty face” it really lights there faces up. I remember as a child,   feeling down for whatever reason, and when I hear an adult say to me, ” hello pretty gurl” or “hello sweety”, that would make me feel so good inside. I always said that when I grow up, I would make others feel the same way. And I love it. I believe that eye contact and the tone of your voice is very important when dealing with people daily. As a person in customer service, its very important to me to make sure that I make a person feel as great as possible. Some wont appreciate it, but most will. So, today I Thank God for the soothing tone of my voice and my ability to communicate in a way that makes me memorable. Thank you Lord, because at one time… would never be so. But you changed my whole way of looking at people, and life and I Thank you.
May 1, 2011 Raisingurls To Women starts back up. Oh, my goodness, I have be working hard on my projects for them, picking and choosing topics that we will be discussing. This year, IF THE LORD SAY THE SAME…. I want to have only 6-8 gurls. I can reach them better with less. I have had over 30 gurls in my group at one time ,and it was too much for me. WE had a hotel party and we had to rent 3 rooms, which I say, we could have used a few more. LOL I’m excited because last year I didn’t hold  meetings from traveling and doing other things. My goal is to take them to Disney World. I’ve been twice, and Neisha’s been 3 times. Most of my gurls have never left the city, and I want them to adapt the mentality to be able to travel and do other things besides roller skate, and sit on the porch.Many teens feel limited and so they become bored and that’s where the idle time comes into play and before you know it, they are forced into a life that’s not God’s plan at all. I feel that I have a lot to offer the gurls and I look forward to getting started.
I’m on my way to bed, gotta work in the am, just wanted to stop by and show my face. Hahaha Take care.

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