Relationships = “grocery shopping”

I was talking with my good friend over the weekend about relationships and how important it is to be on the same page. We always have this chat.

I have these same kinds conversations with women all the time and sometimes you just have to wait it out. I don’t mean sit in the house and wait on Prince charming to come along.  What I mean is, I understand too that everybody don’t get married, just as every woman wont give birth. But I do feel that a woman should always be open for dating and always show herself presentable in case she meets someone. Before you go to the “grocery store” you should always make out a list of things you want and need. * wink* Lets take a look.
There are things in a relationship that I  personally just wont accept. I cant do the CHEATING on me, and the FIGHTING. I will never accept that. First of all you gotta love yourself to that fact that you wont compromise in certain areas of your life. I gotta have a man who Loves the Lord, and who will go to God for everything. A man that looks to his friends for advice under the  sun will never be right for me. People call me picky and funny acting, but I don’t care because I refuse to be in a relationship where there is No God, and no peace. Those are relationships that are lead by men, and we all know where that can lead.
Its been 8 LONG years since I’ve been sexually active. Its hard, very hard. But its something that I must do. I got so tired of seeing my ex’s coming to my job with their wives, and kids knowing full well I deposited my spirit in him.  I don’t like that at all. It really bothers me. I even see men who I’m so glad we never did anything at all. We have no sexual connection and that I can live with. You have to know what you want in a man and a relationship before you go shopping. You cant just put “anything” in your cart. LOL Are you crazy? Hahaha. I want a man who is going to LOVE me, a man who will look at me and say to himself ” that’s my gurl”!! A man who will know my scent even if he was blind folded. A man who can read my facial expressions without me saying a word to him. A man who loves his mom and respect his sisters, who loves to communicate and LOVES TO GIVE. A man who will listen and compromise at times.
I wont stand for a man who will go hours and days without making up after a debate or argument. I don’t like attitudes at all, and I will NEVER be with a man who can live under the same roof as me, and can walk around mad for even over 1 hour. I cant do that. That’s very childish to me. And I CANT STAND a man who will call up all his friends and family members and tell them about our debates  all the time. I’m private and something’s stay in the house.  I don’t mean everything, but we will know what we should keep private and what we can share with others to get their opinion.
I feel that if you’re going to be in a relationship that you should be happy. You shouldn’t settle for someone who is clearly not for you. Sometimes we as women get comfortable with the living arrangements and we find ourselves trapped in that situation. I made a promise to myself that I would never love anyone so deep, and so hard that I can’t see myself without him. I may show a lot of love for people, but I know how/when to walk away. Its not hard to do when you know you have done all you can. Take God with you and I promise you, you’ll be just fine.

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