Dream, Oprah and sleep

Last night before I went to bed, I said Lord let me have some good dreams all week. I dreamt last night that this guy came up to my job, looking nice all of a sudden  he picked me up and I felt so good so sexy. I didn’t even know this dude, but it felt so good. I wonder what made him do that in my dream? What was it about me that made him feel that it was alright? LOL
 I love a man that wears Cologne. I wear Sparkling White Diamonds, Red Door,  212 by Carolina Herrera, Unforgivable Woman by Sean John, Palsma Picasso, Lollipop Bling by Mariah, and my favorite Celine Dion. I have so many perfumes…. they make me happy. Those are my favorites tho.
Ok my mind is wondering. I don’t like to celebrity blog, but I have to on this subject. Oprah Winfrey has the best behind the scenes crew that anyone could have. I sat up and watched 4 behind the scenes shows in a row and was MADD because there wasn’t anymore available to watch at that time. LOL Her team carry the same spirit as she does. They LOVE her, and I see their desire to please her, which tells me that she is very GOOD to them, because they don’t want to let her down. I just love their work relationship they have with her, and she goes on air and make their behind the scenes job seem soooooooo easy.She asks her guest the right questions, makes me wanna leap in the TV and kiss on her the lips. Because I like to ask questions and it seems as if we have the same ones on my mind. LOL Oprah is so real, and so down to earth that you can sit up and have a conversation with her and forget she is the richest woman in the world. She is very transparent and sooo giving!!! She enjoys the excitement and the appreciation of her guest when she blesses them with gifts. That’s her pay off. And I just love her for that. Her behind the scene shows are just as good as the regular ones. LOL
Then I got to thinking….. I have always been a Leader, but I also enjoy working behind the scenes. I’m not the kinda person who has to be seen or heard,  I’m the kinda person who like to “make things happen”. I enjoy the part in the show where they had to call up the guest publicist and talk to them about coming on the show, making arrangements and taking care of the guest as they arrive. I’m good with people so getting them on the show would be a challenge to me ( in a good way). I would love that. Her crew wasn’t divas, or had to be made up all the time, they had one thing in mind, and that was to please Oprah and to make things happen. I love that. They all were getting along, and helping each other out whenever it was their time to produce a show. That’s the kinda job that would make me stay all night just to get things done just because I know she would appreciate it. I love how her friend Gayle was with her on several projects. They both are so funny. LOL I hate that she’s leaving the show, but I also know how important it is to move on.
A year ago this time, I was planning to go to Atlanta. I finally set a date as to when I leave Detroit and move to Atlanta. What was I waiting for? Every time I set a date for , it tells me how serious I am about it.  With that said, I’m serious.
Off to bed…. good night!

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