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Tomorrow  I’m going to finish off my last blog.

Just sitting here thinking about something. Dayum, I wish I could take it back. I’m SO pissed off at myself right now. Sometimes you gotta really wonder how people look at you.  I’m so so so  so so so so so so so so so SO SO SO mad at myself.  That’s just how I feel right now, and its causing me to……anyway….. Never mind!!!!  I’m done with that. God…your move.

So, my mom calls a meeting with all her kids ( 4) of us, and my sisters husbands and ALL the grandkids. She doesn’t tell us why, she said that no one is sick or dying at all. So that made us feel good. We met at my sister’s house ( huge home) and she stands before us and calms our fears. She says, your dad is lonely, he needs everyone to visit him more, she said even I have been guilty of not going to see him, ignoring his calls, and saying things I shouldnt say. She said that God told her that she must get him back in his rightful place, and that she wants us all to visit him regularly, for the husbands to spend time with their father-n-law, and for the grandkids to call him more and visit him more. She said do NOT buy him liquor, only beer. She said that he is at his apartment drinking and smoking himself to death. He lost his brother ( best friend) and his other best friend. One a atheist and the other LOVE THE LORD and served him until his dying day. My momma made it clear that she wants the gurls( ME AND MY 2 SISTERS) to take time out to help clean his apartment because he can no longer do it anymore. And for us to all pitch in and take care of our dad because he will surely die. After she said this, there was not a dry eye in the house.

I was really shocked to hear my momma say these words, for years she did for my dad a WHOLE LOT, but he became to dependent  on her and wouldn’t do anything on his own, So she had to fall back, and we felt the same way too. But my momma has always been that “momma who don’t play” and when she called that meeting, we knew she was NOT playing with us. After the meeting my sisters husband said ” Lets go see him now, right now”. We all looked at him and agreed, we drove in 5 cars( 5 mintues away) to his senior complex. I called him and told him to come down and he was so surprised to see all of us. We gathered around him, kissed him and told him that he will NEVER be lonely again… and we meant it. Nobody CARES  what he did or didn’t do in the past, it’s all forgiven. Which been for me anyway… I love my daddy but wheww…. he makes it hard to be around him because sometimes he can’t forgive himself, something we’ve already done. But its been over a week now SINCE THE INTERVENTION and everything is wonderful. Tonight, Me, Nesha and my mom went over to see him, he is in VERY GOOD SPIRITS. He kept his place a mess in the past, but we have agreed to clean it up at least 2-3 times a week, and so tonight was my second day over. My mom visits everyday. I’m happy, I think we’re all happy, and he even looks good. He gets around really good, his legs give out every once in a while, he cooks for himself, he does everything. He is a man who LOVES his family, he has 7 brothers and sisters total, and he is very close with them. And while we were growing up, we always did family things. He is a family man,  he must be around his family to function, and we now know that. This INTERVENTION was the best thing for me mentality and spiritually. I’m glad my mom stepped up and said “Hey, your dad will die if we don’t visit him”, and by her saying that, it meant a lot.  She meant BUSINESS… LOL So, I’m happy. A Chapter in my life is opened, and it’s not bad at all. You can “FORGIVE” somebody ALL DAY/ALL YEAR… but you are truly a BLESSING when you can stand to be around a person and not feel “FUNNY”.

Me and my Sisters been spending a lot of time together. I love them so much. Man, if you have my sisters you are BLESSED. I AM.


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