Pearls of Wisdom *1*

Everyday I wake up with Joy in my heart. I just feel good. When I get up, I’ll go in the bathroom and just Thank God for waking me up. Sometimes many thoughts will rush to greet me……and I say “Oh No…. not before I say Good Morning to God”. Waking up another day, tells me that my time here is NOT up. It tells me that there is more work to do, more encouraging to do, more LOVE to give, more time to share the good news. And that makes me excited.

Last week a coworker who works the evening shift lost her mom.

Even though I’ve been working at Walmart for 9 years, still there are many new faces, and I can’t say that I know who she is for sure. So, another co-worker decided to send a card around to ask for donations to help out in any way. Everyday…. * and I mean everyday* my coworker would come to work on her OFF DAY, and just before her shift started…  sit in the break room and ask people to sign the card and to donate money if they could. Now, I watched her everyday. I knew something was on her mind about doing this, and each time I saw her, I made it my BUSINESS to tell her that she’s doing a GREAT JOB, GOD LOVES A CHEERFUL GIVER, and no matter what… keep doing WHAT SHE BELIEVED GOD LEAD HER TO DO.

One day last week, I sitting alone on my break in Subway. She was coming in to work and came to sit with me. She said La’ Crease can I talk to you for a minute? I said sure boo, sit down…. what’s going on? God had already told me days ago, what she was going to say, so I was READY. She said… I’m tired of people coming to me saying… “you’re crazy for coming up here on your off day, and before you start work, just to pass around a card for someone who people barely know”. I said to her….. I know you are bothered by this, I can see it in your face. I said look….. you are doing this from your heart, you know that everyone WILL have a time of need, and this is hers and you are her friend. I said DON’T YOU DARE LET WHAT “OTHA” PEOPLE SAY…. STOP YOU FROM THE LOVE AND SUPPORT YOU ARE DOING FOR YOUR FRIEND. She said I know, but it bothers me. She said I bought some candy just to get people to help out when they donate, and she said all they want is to eat the candy without donating. I told her your friend needs you, and if you listened to what others say, you will do a disservice to her.

I shared with her the time when I wanted to start the Feeding the Homeless Project, and how scared I was to do it. And God told me to go to work the next day and pitch it to 2 RANDOM people. I was SCARED. Even though these are people I worked with for years, I was afraid of how their response would shoot down my project. I found 2 people and told them about it and they were like “YES CREE do it, we’ll help you”!!!!! Yes!! Those were my God appointed people, they had no idea that God had chose them. So, that first year we fed 12 people, the following year we fed 50, then 89, and in 2011 we fed 100 people!!! I told her…. I have email from people who were MADD at me because I “forgot” to ask them. I said you SEE THE BLESSING IN THAT… I was so afraid to ask for help…… NOW THE HELP IS MAD AT ME FOR NOT ASKING THEM TO HELP. LOL So, I told her….. if you want to stay here over night and take donations FOR YOUR FRIEND….. DO IT, DONT FOCUS ON THE PEOPLE WHO ARE opposite of you……. FOCUS on the people LIKE ME WHO ARE FOR YOU…. AND JUST DO IT!!!! DO IT. SHE GOT IT!!!! SHE ACTUALLY GOT IT, AND I CAN SEE IT IN HER FACE….. she hugged me and hugged me saying…. I’m so glad I can always talk to you, she Thanked me for my donation, and she walked away happy. PRAISE GOD!

Ask yourself…what did you learn from a experience similar to this?

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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