As I sat on the couch…. I started thinking about MY LIFE. Cree’s Blog

June 24, 2012….. Woke up at 11:30 AM and was UNABLE TO WALK.

I sprang my calf…. till this day….. I still have no clue as to how it happened. I walked around MGM Grand Casino with my 2 Sisters the night before and I did nothing unusual. My nurse told me that it would take 4-6 weeks to heal. I told her in so many words… gurl you got me messed up. LOL  There was NO WAY… I could be out for that long.There was no swelling, no bruises, no scratches, NOTHING. I couldn’t even pinpoint the pain…until the next day. I started feeling pain behind near my calf area when I walked on my left leg, this pain was familiar to me. I remember one time I walked in the March of Dimes Walk-a-thon and my calf was sore the next day from walking so many miles. But this was the same pain, but to the 1000 th POWER.

Monday morning came and I felt as if I was losing my mind. I was outdone to know that my calf was in so much pain….but ONLY WHEN I WALKED. I never felt pain in a certain area at all, even when I was sitting down. I called into work.

Tuesday morning…. I went up to my job and could barely walk from the parking lot to the store. I had to ride around in a cart. I went to personel and told them that I QUIT. My plan was to give them 2 weeks noticed ON MONDAY so that I can prepare for my move to Atlanta.

After 3 weeks….. I was finally able to walk again. What a humbling experience. I had worked all my life, and when I was on vacation from my job… I was out and about. This time ……. it was NO VACATION ….I had 3 weeks to prop my legs on the couch and reflect on MY LIFE. My family did everything for me….. they wouldn’t let me do anything but to get well. I was depressed, often cried when I was alone, and didn’t know if I would ever walk again. It was that bad for me. I prayed a lot and God reassured me that it was all in Divine Order.

As I sat on the couch…. I started thinking about MY LIFE. * to be continued*

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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