Benefits / 90 days

Men are NOT too quick to marry you if you are already giving  them benefits.

Before you start a job, you have to interview for it, you have to fit the qualifications. If that interview goes well, you will be asked for a second interview. When you get the job, there is a trial period ,and it that time, you will know if the job is for you. If you last longer than 90 days, you are considered an employee in right standing, and therefore qualify for benefits.

When you first meet a guy/gurl, you go out to dinner and you interview that person for your heart. You ask all kinds of questions, you answer some as well. If you qualify, you will be asked out for a second interview, which may be dinner and a movie. When you get the job, there should also be a trial period.  And if both parties are in agreement to date and see each other more often, there should be benefits. It should not include SEX, and MOVING IN TOGETHER.

Why do women give up sexual, and living arrangement benefits before 90 days? If you wait pass the 90 days, you will know if this person is for you, and save yourself from adding another man to your “we did it” list. It doesn’t matter how good he looks, how much money he has, how good is his conversation. Do company’s give out benefits before the trial date? No, because they want to see if you’re good enough for there company. Women stop giving up these good benefit packages to these men who don’t want the JOB!!!


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