Mind games….

I use to play serious mind games on men, people, everybody! I loved the power and control I had when I did it. I would twist words around, be sarcastic, and do other things as a form of control.


Now that I’m older…… I will NEVER play another mind game. First of all, I don’t have the mentality and the time to participate in this childish drama.


People are losing jobs, husbands, wives, friendships, and relationships by doing this. I know I use to do it, but I stopped years and years ago. Its a bad head space to be in, its time consuming, and its SO INMATURE.


But here is the kicker…… I now have the GIFT of changing my “contact” information at anytime and will NEVER talk to you again. I am so afraid of myself and how I can/will cut off friendships and relationships because I refuse to be apart of what I USE TO DO.

I’m just NOT going to deal with people who play mind games. I am so upset with myself, because of how quick I want and desire to cut people off. Yes, I love them, but I am never pressed for this kind of behavior and friendships from men and especially from women.


I love me. Flat out. If this is you…… CUT IT OUT… You may just lose on LOVE and FRIENDSHIPS.

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