MY thoughts on Sunday’s RHOA blog entry *

I’m just going to go right into my thoughts.

Sunday night I watched in Horror how Kenya of the RHOA disrespected herself, Walter, and the whole cast, by acting like a desperate woman who have no one to LOVE her.

I asked myself…. LaCrease why are you taking this to heart so deeply? First of all, she’s beautiful. But she doesn’t know it, because if she did she wouldn’t have to keep asking herself what is it about me, that I’m not married with children. If she knew her worth, she wouldn’t try so hard. Forget the fact that Walter did radio interviews saying that she asked him to come on the show as her boyfriend, when in fact he said they’ve dated in the past. Forget that!!!

I’m having a hard time understanding why when Cynthia was having a contest for JET and as a judge for who goes into the magazine, Kenya dogged and treated those young models like they were tramps….then turn around in the end and openly “play flirt” with Apollo. And it wasn’t even her function. She was disrespectful and out of order.

When they were on the island and she threw Apollo in the pool, that made me get an instant headache. As a woman from Detroit she knows we don’t get down like that!!! We don’t play that when it comes to our HUSBANDS….. are you kidding me? A boyfriend maybe….a HUSBAND… Chile you’re asking to die. If Phaedra don’t handle her next week…………….baaaaaby.

Let me get to the bigger picture. Kenya has issues steming from her childhood and her mother giving her up. She has issues of being LOVED… in her late night thoughts when the TV and lights are off, she knows she’s beautiful, but she doesn’t understand why she doesn’t have the husband, kids and family she feels she should have. But she fail to understand when you throw shade on other married women, and flirt with their husbands, she is only prolonging her own success in that area. She is proven to herself she can’t be trusted… even if she sees it or not.It was so sad to see a woman so desperate for attention from a man. What man in this world as of now could trust her at this point? But if she is willing to look at her issues and work on them, she can have everything she wants.

When it comes to women with strong personalities, we can be very stubborn when it comes to admitting our fault. As kenya flirted with Apollo, I cant help but wonder what went through her head as to why she felt she could “step pass the others and do this to Phaedra”? Did she feel that she could test her AND get away with it? Was she willing to have to fight Pheadra for the disrespect? Or did she even care if she had a “whoop dat azz” coming… in my Jill Scott “Why did I get married” voice? I’m just trying to understand if she watched the show from last season and wanted Apollo * probably did* or did she clearly look at Phaedra as being weak?

Next week Kenya asks Pheadra if you have to chose 2 friends to be with Apollo who would it be? How the hell do you ask a woman some mess like that? If it was me, I would have choked up Kenya so fast and so hard, so quickly and so swiftly, she would have awaken from a 6 month coma. I DONT PLAY THAT ABOUT MY MAN!!! There are lanes you stay in, and as hard as it is to be found by a man aint no woman gon walk up to the curb and thank its that easy to snatch up my DENZEL WASHINGTON. #dontdietonightCHICK And you know in this case, its not even about fighting over a man, its the BLATANT DISRESPECT.

Kenya is clearly NUMB from her childhood, and anytime you play with my man, and yours is sitting there too, you don’t care about me, your man, or yourself… HOUSTON we have a problem….

I know one thang *talking real fast*……. PHAEDRA BETTA SHUT DOWN PRODUCTION NEXT WEEK…. and I’m not so much as talking physical towards Kenya…. but shake up the atmosphere so tough…. production CANNOT GO AS PLANNED #itsawrapfortodayguysGOHOME

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