My @kenyamoore conclusion….she’ll be okay

kenyaAfter watching the last episode of RHOA… I come to the conclusion that Kenya is not down right mean….. I just think she needs more attention than the next woman.


I felt bad for her as she did her “Gone with the wind” twirl. I’m starting to believe deep down in my soul that all she wants is to be LOVED. I feel that she can really come off funny acting if she was around other women who have less than her, and not as attractive. Kenya is use to walking in a room and seeing husbands, boyfriends, fiancee, and everybody else winking, flirting, giving her all this attention while trying to get with her at the same time. Her norm is being around women who husbands and boyfriends desire her. But with these RHOA…. none of them are on her level as far as being married, they all have want she wants the most. Marriage and children. Walking into a room and getting attention is not what is happening with this group of women…. they aren’t having it, and the husbands aren’t either. With these women she has to bark loud, and make “scary” exits to make up for the attention she’s use to receiving.


I can just imagine how insecure she can make a “plain Jane” woman with no self-esteem feel around her husband. That’s power for Kenya, she’s use to having it. I wonder what her younger days were like, I wonder how many married or committed men she “snatched up” from someone in a relationship.


For me, the bigger picture is that she gets some kind of help. I hope that she can come to understand that she is a beautiful woman, she doesn’t have to do anything extra to try to make or prove a point to anyone. All she has to do is walk into a room and just be a woman. She doesn’t have to tell everyone she won Miss USA… let people wonder who you are, let them say to you…. you look familiar… have I seen you someplace before? To me a woman doesn’t have to make a lot of noise when you make an entrance. Just be a woman. Be yourself.


I really hope that Kenya saw herself in a new light this season of RHOA. I hope that she can learn from her behavior, and say to herself…… I have to do better, I will do better.


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