Out of Character

sleepcree1.jpgWow, so much is going through my mind, so much has happened, so much to do, and much to put in order. HAHAHAHAHA Wow LaCrease!!!

Its something how you want so badly for things to turn out one way, but God the creator has plans for things to turn out another way. I have really learned somethings about myself in these last 7 months… some good and some not so good.

I realize that I let stuff build up. I try to give people chances, man they just won’t do right. But I Thank God for this banister/railing that walks besides me on the right and the left. It keeps me from NUTTING UP and getting out of Character. This year, I must figure out why I allow build ups. I guess I hope that people act right and do right by me and others, but maybe they just don’t know how too. Then when I “go there” I question God about my anger and wonder if its allowed.

But there is one thing about me giving these people chances to do right by me…… I really don’t care if I speak or see them again. Some would argue … yeah you do care, but I’m so afraid I DONT. I feel bad that I don’t care, but wonder why I want to give chances…. ANYWAY…. those things will be explored and answered.

I’m looking forward to a great year!!!

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