Happy New Year!!! 2013

itsmeHappy New Year!!!

I have truly been through a lot in 2012… but as it ends…. God sure does have a way to let me know things are going to be just fine.

I’m excited about the new things he will do this year. I refuse to drive , all my life I like to be in control. I’m going to do things a little different this year, I’m going to let God do the driving.

I’m going to FOCUS on a few things, and I’m not fighting anyone, any feelings, or things that are NOT my battle. I can’t do it. Why should I have too when he said that he would do it? That’s crazy!!! LOL

I plan to get more into my Bible and have the personal relationship I’m use to enjoying with Jesus. That makes me feel good. Just thinking

about it.

Be Blessed


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