Sticking to a VISION….Cree’s Blog Entry

dont ask for nothingLast night for the first time I watched House of Curves it was really good. A program on WETV about Kenyatta Jones who started her own PLUS SIZE clothing. I’m very proud of her and I love her line.

I’m such a “behind the scenes” person and couldn’t help but notice the back and forth a few of the ladies were doing. I understand Kenyatta and her VISION very well. In order to put into motion ANYTHING, it must start with a VISION. I’m just trying to understand why does the VISIONARY have to always fight with her/his team to be heard? People love to be apart of something that sounds and turn out to be so great, but as soon as they’re apart of it, they always seem to let their EGO or feel that since they’re friends, or family that they should have the last say. Noooo, it doesn’t work that way. There is nothing wrong with voicing your opinion about something concerning the project, but when we start arguing and getting personal…. FALL BACK!!!

I was watching the program like Wow, that took me back to me doing Feeding the Homeless for Thanksgiving. My family, friends know how passionate I am about doing this yearly. Every since I can remember I always wanted to put together a dinner for them, also we do Valentines Day dinners and GIFTS.

This is how I feel. I have money to go out to eat whenever I want, to cook huge dinners, or go over to my sisters house and eat dinner with them. When it comes to anything I’m not lacking. And with that said, when it comes to the Homeless, I feel that they should be the same way. I CANNOT stand for anyone to be HUNGARY. I can’t do it. If, I’m cooking for them, don’t ask me for one of the sandwiches, or a plate, a bag of chips, water or drinks that I have for them. DON’T ASK ME FOR ANYTHING THAT BELONGS TO THEM….. I promise there is another side of me that HAS come out. Because the person doing the asking have money, they have food, they only want it because its there…. and it BELONGS TO SOMEONE ELSE. I understand the want…..but this is not for you.

The first year I didn’t realize how Territorial I was. LOL My dad called and ask me could I bring him a plate over before I make my rounds to the city of Downtown Detroit. My dad is very persistent, and direct. But I said to him.. daddy this is not for family and friends, this is FOR THE HOMELESS. I said you have food, you have family. This is a dinner for THANKSGIVING for them. We’ll be together as we always do for the holidays, these people don’t have family. He was SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MAD at me. Not only mad, but for a LONG TIME. That year I couldn’t figure out for the life of me, why was he so upset about a PLATE OF FOOD, that he can cook for himself?

That following year, me my mom and sister fell out!! Shaking my Head. LOL My boss and coworker Karen, make these brownies and yes they were HUGE, and yes they LOOKED AND SMELLED GOOD!!! My mom knows… when we are preparing the food, please don’t ask for anything. I know it looks good, I know it smells good, I even know that she is doing the cooking for certain foods, BUT PLEASE DON’T EAT ANYTHING OR ASK ME FOR ANYTHING. I know this may sound petty to some, but my VISION is not for family and friends to eat, but for the HOMELESS ONLY. Yes I’m by the book!!! LOL Well that year, my momma ate a BROWNIE and she told me. I was so mad at her, but she turned around and got RE-MAD at me for being REAL MAD AT HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!. LOL LOL LOL We didn’t talk to a few days. Then my Sister turned around and asked for one of the FOAM 3 SECTIONAL PLATES… YES, I told her NO!!! Use a REAL PLATE, DON’T ASK FOR THESE!!!!! They seem to feel * at that time* that I was being too bossy and wanted control. I was mad at them BOTH!!!

Again, why is it so IMPORTANT to want what’s for the Homeless? When they all have money? That was the talk for the longest in my family. We can laugh about it now and boy do we.

So, I had a talk with God, because maybe I was over reacting with the anger. God said to me….. next year when you prepare food for the homeless, make sure you have SEPARATE FOOD for the people who are on your team. He said FOOD will make everyone Hungary. And even though I had a valid point about not anyone to eat anything…. I got the part about having food for my volunteers as well.

The following year 2010 2011 * we didn’t do it in 2012* I bought 50 chicken wings, made spaghetti, dinner rolls pop and water with MY money for everyone who helped out. I was so happy that NO ONE asked for anything. They were happy, and felt it was a GREAT IDEA. I learned that this needs to be done every year for all who help. They even understood and “got it” when I was upset the last years. They saw my passion and commitment to my mission. How bout I made sure they/we had so much food, that they took home plates, and the HOMELESS HAD THEIR DINNER…..UNTOUCHED!! LOL

So after watching House of Curves, and Kim Kimble… I see that I wasn’t the only person having debates with others about MY vision. Well, mines is settled… I hope they can settle things too.


Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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