Behind the Scenes~ Your child at school.. *Parents must read* Crees Blog Entry

hpqscan0001Behind the Scenes~ Your Kids at School


When Neisha was growing up… it use to irritate me so bad the NUMBER OF TIMES I had to tell her that when she leaves from spending the night out, to make sure she pack up all her clothes and personal things. She would ALWAYS come home without SOMETHING. For the life of me, I couldn’t understand why she wasn’t “getting it” after the first 10 times of me yelling.



What I realized is THAT….. Its a must YOU TELL your KIDS THE SAME THING OVER, AND OVER, AND OVER, AND OVER, AND OVER, AND OVER until you are BLUE in the face. Kids just don’t get it hearing it once. I GET THAT NOW. It’s okay….it really is.



I have to tell the same kids over and over and over… “go to your class” “Stop playing in the hall”… “leave that gurl alone” “pick up your mess”. “pull your pants up”, “stop cussing”, “throw your tray away”, “stop playing so much”. And at one point I said God.. why do I have to tell the same kids the same thing over and over and over again? He said to me…. how many times do I STILL have to tell you….. to slow down, be patient, take your time, listen, make sure the door is locked, get gas before you go to work, make sure you have your keys, put your license back in your wallet before you lose it, turn your head lights off, make sure the stove is off before leaving the house. I can go on and on. I just smiled when I heard all these things that I CONSTANTLY need to be told to do.



The BIG PICTURE is this….. No matter how tired you get of telling your kids something over and over and over again…. understand you just may have too. We are people and its in us to be told something OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Also know there maybe something’s, that you’re only willing to tell your child only once. One thing Neisha knew I wasn’t going to repeat myself was, when, I told her to come here. She always came right away, because she knew that was something I didn’t want to tell her twice about. I can hear you saying to your kids “clean up your room” wash your plate out when you finish eating, pickup your clothes behind you, wash your hands, take this garbage out, do your homework, do your chores, be in by curfew. I realized that WE’RE ALL WIRED UP to be told over, and over, and over, and over again to do the thing we know to do.



Guess what? The same things you’re telling your kids at home …. when they come to school the next day…. ITS MY TURN. #idontmindatall

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